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The Dark Tower | August 4, 2017 | McConaughey, Elba | Reviews coming in, it's a bomb etc. etc. - we know this drill by now

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Director: Nikolaj Arcel
Screenplay: Latest Draft: Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner

Producer(s): Akiva Goldsman, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Erica Huggins and Stephen King

Executive Producer: Jeff Pinker

Production Company: Weed Road & Imagine Entertainment

Finance: Media Rights Capital & SONY

Distributor: SONY

Producer(s): Brian Grazer, Akiva Goldsman and Stephen King
Production Company: Weed Road and Imagine

Russell Crowe ... Roland Deschain

Story: The last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, with Deschain becoming humanity’s last hope to save civilization as he hits the road to find the Dark Tower. Along the way, he encounters characters, good and bad, in a world that has an old West feel.
Warner Bros In Talks For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’; Will Javier Bardem Saddle Up?
Ron Howard Offers Hope For ‘The Dark Tower’
Warner Bros Has ‘Dark Tower’ Decision Looming: And Russell Crowe Is In The Mix
‘Ted’ Backer MRC In Talks To Finance Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

Cannes: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard Introduce Imagine 2.0; A Pele Pic On The Croisette, A Crowd-Funded ‘Friday Night Lights’, ‘Dark Tower’, Jay-Z And One Angry White Whale

Ron Howard gives an update on "The Dark Tower" (hint: keep holding your breath)

A DARK TOWER Update From Sundance, B*tch!

From the Desk of The Phantom: Ron Howard’s Next Movie Likely THE DARK TOWER; Who’s Interested in Roland???

The Dark Tower' Adaptation Is Still In Development Hell...

‘The Dark Tower’ Movie: Sony Pictures & MRC Team On First Installment Of Stephen King’s Series

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Not sure how they will split up the books, will they have The Dark Tower as the first movie or The Gunslinger?

My Top Picks:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Eddie Dean

K.D. Aubert Marion Cotillard - Susannah Dean

Michael Pitt - Mordred Deschain

Ralph Fiennes – The Crimson King

Gary Oldman – Randall Flagg

Bill Nighy – John Farson

Mads Mikkelsen -Arthur Eld

Dakota Goyo - Jake Chambers

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Interesting casting choices, Neo. I wouldn't pick Cotillard as Susannah.... she's a great actress, but she still speaks English with a fairly thick accent, and you need someone from the American South (or who could pass as such). Not to mention, she needs to be African-American! ;)

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Thanks had no idea will fix. Took me awhile to pick them. Went on TDT wiki page to look at their pictures, if they were good/bad and their description and tried to find the best match. Also took into account's actors franchises.

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I think there`s a confusion about Susannah Dean (Odetta) and Susan Delgado (Roland`s love interest witch). First is African American which is very important for the story and would cause riots if race-bended.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, though, this is true. You might as well make an entirely different character if you were going to do that, since Susannah/Odetta's entire experience(s) are based around racial hatred in the deep South.

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