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On 10/18/2021 at 9:30 PM, Lion Roar said:

Oh Legion is definitely not trolling about this. He's said repeatedly he wants at least 6 MCU movies a year. I personally think more than 4 is overkill even to me as a hardcore fan, but Legion is on another level of dedication. 

6 MCU Movies a year::: you have to be kidding. That would burn out the franchise with the GA very quickly.  Flooding the market is never a good  idea. I agree the four movies a year is pushing it. Marvel has pretty much stuck with two or three a year for a reason.

And it's not like you are not getting a big dose of the MCU between movies with the  TV Series....

You might call it dedicatiion, I would call it something else.

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So from your friendly Admin,


I know that this is the Internet, but let’s not Spread baseless rumors about Wright — not when they are so many based in facts ones out there!! 🤡😘. Even if “source” as a Blue Check. Thank you!


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