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Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $684M OS | $900M WW

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Hi, just in case you didn't know:

a new thread in the international forum has to be listed in the

International Box Office ARCHIVES & TOPIC GUIDELINES thread here in the International Forum.

I just added your thread there 😉


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From DHD:


Despite dropping to No. 2 in the UK, last week’s champion, Bohemian Rhapsody, is not under pressure. The second wide weekend overseas did the fandango to $63.1M for an international cume of $185.3M in 78 markets. The overall drop was less than 15% and the worldwide total is now just above $285M.


A 15% weekend drop :ohmygod: :ohmygod: :ohmygod: :ohmygod: :ohmygod: :ohmygod:

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Bohemian Rhapsody grossed a further $63.1m from 78 markets as an impressive number one debut in Japan and a string of 35 number one holds including many major markets propelled the running total to $185.3m. The popular Queen and Freddie Mercury drama opened top in Japan on $4.4m, and delivered a superb number one hold in the second session in South Korea, climbing 44% on $7m to reach $14.6m.


In the UK a robust third weekend saw Bohemian Rhapsody fall a mere 16% to number two on $6.3m for $38.2m. In other number one holds in the second weekend, France and Australia delivered $5m for $14.3m and $4.6m for $12.5m, respectively, while Mexico produced $3.9m for $12.5m.


Table-topping holds in Germany, Spain, Russia and Brazil resulted in $3.7m for $10.4m, $3.3m for $9.9m, $3.1m for $9.4m, and $2.1m for $5.3m, respectively. The film grew in Holland by 2%, adding $1.7m for $4m in another number one hold, and retained top spot in Indonesia with a 19% climb that generated $1.1m for $2.4m, and gained 9% in the Philippines on $978,000 for $2.1m. Sweden added $844,000 for $2.7m, where Bohemian Rhapsody also ranks number one after two weekends.


Source: Screen Daily


More details numbers 

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