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The French Dispatch | Wes Anderson | October 22, 2021 | The Most Wes Anderson Movie to Exist?

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So it turns out I war right yesterday, it is partially in B&W.


I've got a feeling Anderson was inspired by Zhang Yimou's latest effort in "Shadow" where he abandoned his proverbial masterful use of colours to experiment with tones of Grey, black and White.


Still, this looks too ciose to what Wes has always done and, ultimately, that's what limits him from being one of the Greatest directors.


I mean, it's cool to have a personal style that is strongly representative, and iconic trademarks, but there should also be variety, to some degree. 


Looking at ateurs like Lanthimos or even Bong, you can spot their style and trademarks in every film, but each one is still unique and very different from the other( Killing of a sacred deer and The favourite, Okya and Parasite).

Wes is too static... and I say that ad someone who loves his filmography.

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