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Schindler's List (25th Anniversary Release)

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Universal is releasing Schindler's List this weekend and I saw it this morning. Spielberg remastered the film in 4K and Dolby Cinema, and I saw it in Dolby Cinema. I hadn't seen it in the theater since its original run 25 years ago this month (saw it twice back then).
For years I've gone back and forth about whether SL or Goodfellas is the best movie of the 1990s. This version certainly looked and sounded spectacular. The image quality on the large Dolby screen was pristine and brimming, bringing out the nuances of the cinematography, and the Dolby Atmos sound just fills you with dread.
If you have the opportunity, and I believe this is being released to about 1000 screens, go see it!
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3 hours ago, MovieGuyKyle17 said:

I'm shocked this film is coming to my local regal. We usually never get these so i'm definitely gonna try and go. 


 IMO, anyone who doubts Steven Spielberg's GOAT-level talent just has to look at 1993, when he released Jurassic Park and Schindler's List within a few months of each other. Totally different films, both tremendous films as well.  

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On 12/7/2018 at 3:23 PM, Telemachos said:

Glad to hear the restoration is great. Certainly one of the all-timers on my list. I remember driving an hour into San Francisco by myself just so I could see it during its initial limited release, way back in the day.


I saw it twice back then, by myself on opening day, and then about two weeks later with  a Jewish friend. It is amazing that so much time has gone by. But the film itself is timeless, and the restoration is all to the good, IMO. 

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