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Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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1 hour ago, scabab said:

It got adjusted down.


"Fantasy adventure Dragon Ball Super: Broly grossed $19.2m from 17 territores to raise the international running total to $53.5m. The film excelled in Latin American debuts, earning $6.1m in Mexico, $2.5m in Peru, $1.7m in Chile, $1.55m in Argentina, $1.49m in Central America, $1.46m in Colombia, and $1.3m in Ecuador. Japan produced a $1m weekend to raise the tally to $31.6m after five."


So it looks like it got adjusted down $1.1 million for the weekend. I can see it's down $0.4 million in Mexico but it's up $0.1 million in Peru and pretty much the same in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. It must have been overestimated by $0.8 million from other countries then.

It makes no sense for Mexico to be adjusted down, the local currency numbers are what they are. What ER are they smoking?

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5 hours ago, Brunook said:

Here in Brazil, this movie is not bad at the box office. It made 3.5M so far and is in the top 5. The big problem was the fierce competition that did not let the film stay in the top spots.

Where did you see that 3.5m figure?

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5 hours ago, scabab said:

Thanks a lot. Not sure what you mean by the dollar price though. Shouldn't it be at $3.6-3.7 million though?


I said it wrong, anyway. The dollar is at 3.87.


This data is box office mojo, much more accurate. Every Friday they update. That was the week of the premiere. Dragon Ball debuted at 1.7M



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44 minutes ago, Godzilla said:

I don’t think it’ll be THAT fronloaded. It was $54M last week coming off a $20M start mostly in Latin America. Plus around $18M in America being projected total right now in MLK holiday. 

There isn't any Latin American country bar Chile (maybe) where it isn't failing over 70% from OW. DBZ is always THAT frontloaded

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Yeah if it made $18 million in Latin America this weekend then I'm expecting maybe $5 million for this weekend.


So $57.1 million internationally as of 15/1.


Maybe $8-9 million more by Monday.


And based on estimates it'll be at $18 million in US.


And that's where I got $83-85 million.

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13 minutes ago, Lucasmessi12 said:

DBSB fell from R$6.3m OW to R$3.2m second weekend in Brazil, less than 50%.

If you look on Ultracine you can see that compared to last Saturday its down 71.6% in Argentina, 80% in Bolivia, 81.6% in Paraguay and 70.3% in Uruguay.


If it falls 70-80% in Latin America then it's going to do $3.5-5.5 million. 

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Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $21,077,471    24.2%
Foreign:  $65,854,981    75.8%

Worldwide:  $86,932,452  



$100M WW seems safe. It has Europe and other Asian markets like China, Philippines and Hong Kong left to open. I know Resurrection F did only $1.6M in China can Broly break out to like $10M there? 

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