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4 hours ago, TMP said:

This was something that didn't make sense to me, and not because of the supremacist stuff; the world of Watchmen had a giant squid kill half of all life in New York in 1985, the music and culture would be vastly different. There's no internet or smart phones in the world, per Lindelof interviews, and Redford's been president for 30+ years, but somehow Future's music is left intact lmao


He is a constant that holds the multiverse together

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36 minutes ago, HeadShot said:

Watching this show is a bit confusing when you don't have any prior knowledge about Watchmen. But it's interesting enough so far. 

Yup totally agree . As someone who hasn't had prior knowledge. It's kind of confusing  . I was mixed on the pilot. But the last two episodes have been intriguing for me, so I'm  liking it so far.

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Finally an episode that made me glad I stuck with the show.


I will admit it is getting better as it goes but I wasn't thrilled with the first two but the third one was good.

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On 11/4/2019 at 10:59 PM, cannastop said:



This thread is dumb because the point of the dildo was to show that, no matter how hard Laurie tried to move away from becoming like her mother (even going so far as to changing her surname to her dad's), she still had a yearning for Manhattan - just like her mother still had feelings for the Comedian. There's also the Esquire pin-up of her with Manhattan, a conscious echo to the porno cartoon of herself that her mom still carried. She's also always had a really sad life, so her dissolving to using dildos of a past lover fits with the arc established in the book

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I liked the last episode. It gave a character arc to Wade which is always a good thing. Not much moved along but I think it's probably the second best episode of the season so far

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I dislike the show as it requires knowledge of the backstory. I haven’t read the graphic novel so what I see onscreen is outlandish and nonsensical (catapults....onto a moon of Jupiter?). The problem is that it isn’t engaging enough for me to take the few hours to read the graphic novel. It’s Lindelof so I’ll see this Mystery Box through (and granted, some of the confusing things onscreen are getting answered...eventually).  I give it a C-  

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