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Eric the Extra-Terrestrial

Venom: Let There Be Carnage l October 1 2021 | NOT getting delayed

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3 minutes ago, tonytr87 said:


Possibly. Though this is also the guy who courted Tarantino for OUATIH. I thought maybe he had changed his stripes. 


The people with some mental rule of thumb about runtime, tend to have a you better be Scorsese (or Nolan, Cameron, Tarantino, etc... or an epic project a la End Game) if you want a lot of it, more than a very hard rule of thumb.

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13 hours ago, CJ Sarandos said:

1 week to go until THE UNIVERSE EXPANDS or whatever



Actually hoping this does well for theaters' sake. If this goes sideways mah boy Ted will pay Sony a full billie for No Way Home.


I know you kid, but Sony can't release a movie that initially premieres on anything other than theaters unless Marvel consents and greenlights it. It's a frozen right as per the leaked contract (4.  FROZEN RIGHTS AND CHARACTERS.) Only way they wouldn't need Marvel's consent to initially release a movie on streaming or DTV is if theaters get replaced by another distribution method for tentpole films by Major Studios.

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On 9/22/2021 at 6:13 PM, CJ Sarandos said:

They already knew even before shooting tbh. The first movie is what it is and there is no way to escape it. The best choice made was to just turn this into a chaotic and short 90 minutes ride.


I hope it opens well enough to resist the inevitable 70% 2nd weekend drop against Bond and still end with a decent total.

Yep, first movie was like oh wow I didn't hate this despite it sucking.


I imagine a sequel will be worse and perform much much worse than the original.

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12 hours ago, Porthos said:


In response to a now deleted tweet:



I dont think I've seen a studio publicly enforce the review embargo policy before. I'm sure it's happened before but I find it funny to actually see something like this happen.

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1 hour ago, TalismanRing said:


Reminds me of the last Fantastic Four with reviews dropping after people were already in the theater.  Poor sods. :lol:


I will never forget Fant4stic hosted a twitter q&a with the cast where, suspiciously, the only people that had their questions answered were the staff of the social media company running the account.

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