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Eric the Extra-Terrestrial

Venom: Let There Be Carnage l October 1 2021 | NOT getting delayed

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Just got out of the theater.  The movie definitely succeeds in being entertaining and there’s never a dull moment with that runtime.  Eddie and Venom are great and are definitely the main focus.  The film could have been just them (it already almost is) and it wouldn’t have been an issue.  The script is a damn mess and the overall story is LOL.  Several characters barely get any depth/screentime.  I definitely enjoyed it for what it was though, and hope it does well at the BO. 



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14 hours ago, Porthos said:


I've seen this complaint in a couple of other films as well.


Why would anyone expect studios to spend a single dime on movies during this "extra year" considering that they (from what I understand) lost money each and every month it was on the shelf?


Or, to put it a different way, why would one expect studios to increase a film's budget when it was costing money to keep it on the shelf and was likely to make less money when it was finally released?

I mean initial budget which is the same as the first one. They started filming before Covid, way before any plans to delay it by a year. There's no excuse, really. It could've looked at least less embarassing with a couple of extra hands and the same deadlines.

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This is “better” than the first aka more in on the joke. But it’s not good. So my problem is that… why wouldn’t you just enjoy actual good comic movies that are genuinely funny and entertaining… Deadpool, AntMan, etc


This isn’t even ironically funny. The Tom Hardy ham wears off immediately. The character development is streamlined to point of reduction. Plot barely functional. Lack of emotion. Generic shoddy action sequences hacked by perfunctory editing.. no interesting set pieces 

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On 9/30/2021 at 3:02 PM, Menor said:

Yeah that's fair, the humor would not be accepted by critics now (even then many critics gave bad reviews because they found it too offensive). 

I remember critics complaining about the Reggie scene. Which is an absolutely hysterical scene and killed with audiences. Critics are absolutely awful at judging comedy and horror and always have been.

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