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Venom: Let There Be Carnage l October 1 2021 | NOT getting delayed

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5 hours ago, kitik said:

If Tom Holland shows up as Spider-Man, EVERYONE will assume that it's the MCU Spidey, not an alternate Spidey.


Well, I take that back. I guess they would only have to spend 30-60 seconds establishing that this is a different Spidey. If they show Uncle Ben raising him instead of Aunt May, or if they clarify that he has never met any other heroes before, or something like that. Maybe even "The only other time I ever left New York before was summer camp 6 years ago."


I suppose they could do a few small things to make it clear enough that this isn't the MCU Spidey.

Use CGI aging tech to give him another 12 years and let him drop the accent ;) 

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If Tobey Maguire somehow ends up back in the Spider-Man suit one way or another I think I would faint in the theatre. 

-Raimi Suit in Morbius trailer.

-Daily Bugle logo from Raimi trilogy in Venom

-Raimi doing a multiverse film. 

Enough to give you that slightttttttt hope

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On 2/8/2020 at 6:53 PM, MrFanaticGuy34 said:

Hmm. Will Venom 2 be an improvement over it’s predecessor, reception-wise? You know, learn from the mistakes of the first film?


Since the first one has a pretty low 29% on RT.

Well the first movie had good reception, it was the rare film where audiences didn't agree with critics 


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Saw this steelbook at Walmart last night. I thought it was so badass. I would've bought it but I already have all 4 movies and I'm not really into buying multiple copies of movies for cool cases. Wish I had it though lol

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5 hours ago, lilmac said:



Agreed, especially after Birds of Prey.

People need to stop taking BOP as a reason NOT to make an R rated CBM. It worked for Logan, it worked for Deadpool, it will work for others. Just accept the face no-one cared about watching a Harley Quinn movie regardless of its rating. Its getting embarrassing now 

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