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Booksmart l Annapurna l May 24, 2019 l Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein l Olivia Wilde directs l Premieres at SXSW

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This was pretty great. I wasn’t sure in the beginning as it seemed kind of slow and unfunny, but it really improves in the second half. I get the comparisons to Superbad and I thought it’d be pretty similar based on the trailers, but it’s more poignant than Superbad. I think Superbad had more comedy, but I really liked this movie more. Great relatable characters and pretty heartwarming story. I hope it becomes a sleeper hit or gets rediscovered on streaming/home video. 

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It's a lot of fun! The momentum kinda fades towards the end and they could've pulled back on the soundtrack just a bit but those are merely quibbles with a very enjoyable flick. Shoutout to my future gf Billie Lourd.  

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2 hours ago, Ryan Reynolds said:

i don't think so, it was promoted well for an Annapurna film. The film just wasn't funny enough and teen girl genre has never been that big, especially recently.

This is no less mainstream than Blockers or Love, Simon. It could surely do better with a bigger marketing campaign.

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