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Unplanned | March 29th, 2019 | Pure Flix | a film about Abby Johnson and her experiences in Planned Parenthood | trailer on pg. 2

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32 minutes ago, Reddroast said:

The other major chain in Canada (Landmark Cinemas) is showing it as well but I have seen no major flack on them.

Yeah I mean landmark is huge distant second. So I guess people just focusing on cineplex 


same people who they boycotting will be at cineplex in 10 days for lion king lol

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Good on Cineplex! I saw so many angry comments on Facebook from leftists and liberals. Their shtick is to ban or boycott anything they don't agree with or makes them uncomfortable. Many of them don't even realize that in a way they're in support of full on censorship. You shouldn't be allowed to say this, you shouldn't be allowed to criticize that, I don't believe in this movie's message so it should not be shown in theatres etc. etc. They preach tolerance (of certain things), yet are so unbelievably intolerant themselves.


Cineplex is doing the right thing by finally screening the film and simple letting folks decide whether they want to see it or not. That sounds fair to me. Unfortunately liberals are still going to whine about it.

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3 hours ago, langer said:

I have finally gotten around to not watching this.  I feel better than I felt yesterday.  

I was never going to see this crap anyway. But I think trying to keep theaters from showing it is wrong,wrong,wrong.

3 hours ago, The Futurist said:

Leftists fighting for freedom of speech ...

Those were the days ...


Fact is militants on both the left and the right have always liked the idea of being able to silence their opponents.

In the end, a choice between Hitler and Stalin is no choice at all.


IMHO, if all the violent demonstrators in DC last weekend were to kill each other, the world would probably be a slightly better place.

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