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Eric Riley

PAPA NOL∀N'S TENƎꓕ | August 26 internationally. September 2 "in select US cities" | 75% on RT after 228 reviews

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Looks fine though definitely smaller in scale than Inception, why the fuck did this cost so much money?

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I love Nolan but I don't think this opens much higher than DUNKIRK. There needs to be way more action and thrills in the trailers. 

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I actually think that was a pretty shitty trailer. There is no action, no tension, and a normal person will be more confused than interested. The music sucked, and the last bit at the end wasn't funny. 


Not sure who edited or approved that but they need another one out ASAP.


This will do closer to TARANTINO numbers than SPIELBERG numbers if they keep up this vibe. 

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Still pumped to see the film as a fan but commercially I am pretty sure this will be Nolan's first misfire, barring it being saved by perfect timed release

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