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Best Actress Predictions 2019

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So I'd say it's pretty safe to say that Cynthia Erivo will be a major contender for playing Harriet Tubman. (I don't know how they haven't gotten the idea to make such a film yet.)


Besides that, I don't know how this race is going to shake out, but I really want Alfre Woodard to get a nomination for the Sundance film Clemency. I don't have a reason for this other than that I think she would deserve it. The film doesn't have a distributor yet, but festival films get one eventually. I'm sure of that.


A24 already has two excellent potential candidates in Awkafina and Honor Swinton-Byrne for The Farewell and The Souvenir, respectively. The problem: their release dates are rather hasty; The Farewell comes out in July, while The Souvenir comes out even sooner in May. Perplexing decisions from two of the best Sundance films. A24 also has Julianne Moore for Gloria Bell, but that also an early release.


There are a BUNCH of biopics, notably Judy, which is about Judy Garland; it stars Renee Zellweger. So she's a likely candidate.


There are many actors and actresses in Little Women and people might suggest that it is more of an ensemble piece, but I'm sure one of those actresses has a shot at getting an Actress nomination. Florence Pugh would especially benefit from one.


Can't forget Amy Adams for The Woman in the Window, but the film sounds similar to stuff like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. If it's a brilliant film, she might have it.


I get the feeling that this might be the weakest year for the actress category since 2014.


That's all I can infer for now.

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Lupita Nyongo is a good bet, idk about the rest

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