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Little Things | January 29, 2021 | Warner Bros.

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22 hours ago, Ryan Reynolds said:


After watching it tonight, it makes sense (and probably would've received a C+ in normal times with more people seeing it). The ending is bound to be divisive, but everything that comes before it is slow.


Really happy I didn't pay to see this in theaters. It makes sense watching it why they decided even before the pandemic happened to give this a dumpy late January release date.

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Yeah this sucked. What a waste of talent. Films Se7en and Silence of The Lambs really do strike a balance that is so difficult to hit.

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So, HBO Max's limited screening times do get me off my butt to watch things before they are gone:).


Totally felt like a throwback movie - the script stayed as old as when it was written.


That said, I thought Leto and Malek did a good job...I thought Denzel literally switched characters midway through, changing from a bumbling, slow, doddering fool to super confident detective man.  I mean, I liked the 2nd Denzel, but I probably would have liked more consistency in his character play (although I did appreciate his inner turmoil throughout).


I'm kinda iffy on whether I like the ultimate ending or not...I was looking for a Seven move, especially with the set up, so I guess I'm both happy and not happy they didn't deliver:)...and the ambiguity of the ending is still in my "dude, it's your job to give the ending vs I really like that we can decide":)...


All in all, I think the B- audience rating it got was, for once, dead on target.  Happy I saw it, SUPER-happy I got to see it "free" on HBO Max, and it made me think a little...so all in all, a worthwhile viewing, if not a completely satisfying one...


Who knows - maybe this will grow on me...although I don't think Denzel's 1st 20 minutes ever will:)...

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