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I really enjoyed it.

I agree the biggest flaw was that Billy Batson seemed much more adult then Shazam but you can overlook that. Also thought turning Shazam into Booster Gold..trying to use his powers to make a quick buck..did not quite work.

Surprised at the whole Shazam Family showing up, thought they would save at least some of that for the sequel. I sort of though that Mary would become Mary Marvel..excuse me, Mary Shazam...but not the rest of the family. Glad they used the traditional Mary Marvel costume.

Yeah, I got a feeling they meant for Henry Cavill to do the last shot of the main film cameo, but contract disputes intervened.

And I thought the post credit Aquaman bit was hilarious.

BTW I think this was the first DCU film to take place mainly in a real city rather then one of the fictional DC cities.

Though they still got the Fawcett bit in with the name of the high school. That was always something  of a in joke..Fawcett books being the original publishers of the hero formally known as Captain Marvel.


And (from the mid credit sequence) so we will be getting the Monster Society Of Evil in the sequel? A little surprised at that, thought the mid credit set up would be for "Black Adam".

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