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Purple Minion

DUMBO (2019) | $237.5M Overseas, $352.2M Global

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From DHD:


The little flying pachyderm held the No. 1 spot in several markets, notably in Europe, with school holidays starting ahead of Easter. Among the No. 1s are France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. Regionally, he dipped 36% and had the best drops in such hubs as France (-19%), Spain (-22%), Italy (-26%), Germany (-28%), Netherlands (-32%), Poland (-44%) and the UK (-49%).


In family-friendly Latin America, the overall drop was 45%. Shazam! edged in here while some of the better holds were in Chile (-26%), Brazil (-38%) and Mexico (-48%).


In Asia Pacific, where the property is unfamiliar, Dumbo is still tops for a Western title in Japan (a big Burton hub), and saw slight dips in Taiwan (-21%) and Hong Kong (-24%). China fell by 52% and still leads all play, but is not flying high.

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1 hour ago, MaxAggressor said:


It's this close to beating MPR O/S numbers - $177,104,597  and with Easter next week, there's no way it misses  $200m O/S.


Let's see if it's O/S is underestimated by a couple of million again this w/e



Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $89,945,162    33.7%
Foreign:  $177,000,000    66.3%

Worldwide:  $266,945,162  
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So it went from $39m to $23.7m 39.2% drop instead of the 43.6%. Makes a pretty 'big' difference in where it could end up landing.


This is table for multipliers added on the 1 (starting point) with each drop rate (over 6 weeks)

Drops %v=> multi added after 6 weeks

65% =>  0.532
60% =>  0.654
55% =>  0.793
50% =>  0.953
45% =>  1.138
40% =>  1.352
35% =>  1.601
30% =>  1.891
25% =>  2.229
20% =>  2.624
15% =>  3.086

 *This only counts on full weeks, you can't use thit on weekends because weekdays screw this methode. 

That said the diference between 50% drop and 40% if pretty big.

If you have an opening week of $250m :

with 50% drops you get: $488.25m

with 40% drops you get: $588m 


So you add 338m instead of 238m after your opening week. (Not weekend)


I know you can also easily read this difference from the table but concrete numbers might help to make the picture clearer. 


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From DHD:


Belgium is a big fan of the pachyderm, maintaining No. 1 for the fourth straight weekend. Within the rest of Europe, holds were good for the holiday including in Denmark (-5%), Spain (-12%), Portugal (-24%) and France (-46%).


In Lat Am, Dumbo dropped just 12% with strong holds in Colombia (+28%), Argentina (+20%), Peru (+5%), Chile (-3%), Brazil (-19%) and Mexico (-35%).


Across Asia-Pacific, strong holds include New Zealand (+30%), Singapore (+19%), Hong Kong (-4%) and Australia (-9%).

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