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DUMBO (2019) | $237.5M Overseas, $352.2M Global

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On 4/14/2019 at 6:20 PM, Godzilla said:

Dumbo flopped harder than Alita lol. 

I was planning on doing this breakdown, now that both movies made their final gross we can compare them.

Note: I know there are other streams of revenue and other mesures of the succes of a movie but for comparison sake I will only compare Budget to Boxoffice preformance. I will use the standart 55% dom cut, 40% OS-China cut and 25% china cut in revenue.


They have the same Budget so that makes it easier (not including promotion). 


Alita BA: 55%/40%/25% //// 50%/ 38% / 25%

$85.71m Dom => $47.14m / $42.86m

$133.4m China => $33.35m / $33.35m

$185.75m OS-China => $74.3m / $70.59m


TOT revenue: $154.79m / $146.8m


Dumbo: 55%/ 40% / 25% //// 50% / 38% / 25%

$114.65m Dom => $63.06m / $57.38m

$21.89m China => $5.47m / $5.47m

$215.62m OS-China =>$86.25m / $81.94m


Tot revenue: $154.78m / $144.79m


In the first case the earned basicly exactly the same, second senario Alita does about $2m better. 

Dumbo has the advantage it got over $100m Dom so it's tv rights will be worth more. 

Dvd/Blue-Ray hasn't been released yet for Alita, and hasn't been update for Dumbo on thenumbers (they always are a few weeks behind).

Alita might have the edge in DVD/BLUE salles and the fact it did so well in china is also a positive because it's an expanding market so it there where to be a sequel it could build of the strong start. 


But all in all they are both as bad/ (meh) as each other in boxoffice revenue. Both had a lot more potential.

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