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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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I havent seen all of the MCU films Endgame is a resolution for, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nevertheless. People will no doubt chime in with countless things to discuss here, but heres a couple points of note that stuck out to me:


- time travel is such a risky plot point to introduce. It can get tired/confusing/convoluted etc very fast - we've seen in so many other movies and stories how things quickly degenerate into a narrative mess. With that said, I think they did a VERY good job of managing a time travel plot ...without having (what I was expecting) many negatives that typically come with it.

- Captain Marvel usage reminded me of the Eagles from LOTR. IE a "warning: gets tired and repetitive and a lame copout when overdone" alarm going off. She appears when all hope is lost to save the day.  Here, shes so powerful they had to kick her out of 80% of the film because she was 'busy elsewhere'. Maybe the character is simply too powerful, because if they continue to use her like this in future its going to get repetitive and lame pretty fast. She did the solo-save-the-day thing at the end of Captain Marvel (movie) and she did some similar moves during Endgame too.

- Hulk CGI was a bit off in some scenes. It was good, yes (the facial expressions were fantastic), but sometimes it wasnt working for me as much as i'd have liked.

- there was a scene at the start (around when Antman first appeared I think) which was pretty dark/subdued in colour,... then it cut directly to a bright white/well lit screen that near blinded me and the audience before our eyes had a chance to adjust. Yeouch!

- I left the cinema confused why Gamora/Black Widow were still dead. Because I knew they are making a Black Widow standalone film - which made me wonder if I missed something during Endgame because she cant be dead if theres going to be a Black Widow movie set after?!?!!? And surely when Iron Man had the gauntlet and snapped he couldve just brought them back too with the virtual omnipotent power he wielded anyway? 

My biggest unexpected delights were seeing Thor interact with Frigga (I thought the mother was used beautifully), Pepper Potts final words to Iron Man were poignant and perfect (something like "We'll be ok without you. You can relax/let go now" = those are the  real world words many people DO speak to a dying family member in hospice - I said nearly the exact same thing to my dad shortly before he died) -  and the very final shot of the film (Captain embracing his lady) ending with a kiss/love = the perfect way to end the film.

Overall it was a very entertaining film, even though ive only seen a handful of the many films it serves as a conclusion to.


People who live and breathe Marvel and have seen every prior film will no doubt be over the moon with how well it serves and respects the prior source material it concludes.


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Avengers: Endgame was a thrilling ride and a good conclusion to the Infinity Saga. Trying to fit the conclusions to several key characters in the universe is no easy task, and for the most part Endgame achieves this well. The first two acts of the film serve as a prelude to the third; with most of the narrative being revisiting past locations and/or characters that they had a deep connection with. This at times made the film feel slow, but was often not noticed due to the good dialogue, humour and most importantly the recurring references they made to prior films in the Marvel cinematic universe.


The opening of Endgame surprised me with its immediate and brute finish of Thanos; although I was hinted and suspected this was the case I still questioned the logistics and how it would play out. I was also very cautious of how the time manipulation would work and if it would cause issues and plot holes. Time manipulation in films has never been widely positive and this is no different in Endgame. However, Endgame's issues with this do not create too many problems in the plot and are easily overlooked with the narrative of the film and the cunning use of prior material and story-arcs.


I'm sure many of you have heard about the final act, and they were definitely not exaggerating on the scale and epic nature of it. It is undoubtedly the highlight of the film and one of the best closing scenes to a movie/franchise-line of all time. The battle was choreographed well and most of the ensemble had a decent amount of time in the spotlight. The scenes after were a nice wrap-up and a very desired conclusion to the arcs I mentioned earlier.


The characters that die or will evidently not be returning are the ones most people have predicted would be. There was little surprise factor with the outcomes of some of the original six characters as the first two acts foreshadow the outcomes very vividly. I was interested to see exactly how that would pan out and I believe the characters in question had very fitting conclusions to their character-arcs; this was very pleasant to see and I'm glad that they all leave with positive impressions.


Overall, Endgame did a marvellous job at inter-webbing the stories of over twenty films and over ten years into one final climax. Whilst the film has some flaws, it excels in all other aspects and will truly stand as one of the top films of the era.




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Bloody fantastic. I loved it. The ultimate culmination to the Infinity Saga. I still can’t get over how well they pulled it off. 





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I gave Infinity War 10/10 for the genre, and saw it 5 time in theaters.


Spoilers below:



There won't be another one with Endgame. Lacks of everything IW had, lazy in the script, deprived of adventure, didactic in its structure. All the action is concentrated in like 25 minutes. Thor's character was handled in a very arguable way, and 3/5 of the movie are so linear that you just watch them waiting for what could come later. Tyrian is right about time travel being a risky thing, but it sure would have worked so much better with some complications, twists or unexpected turns of events. Instead, they just go back to past years, do what they're supposed to do with little annoyance and come back, and it takes them 2 hours to do so. They - for example - could have used Loki's theft of the Tesseract so much better, instead of just going for the lazy way and just use another time travel.


Pretty sure the film will be liked by general audience and MCU fans, though. It is very respectful of the characters and the previous movies (except IW to be honest), and self-referential enough for the fans. In fact, most of the absolute problems the movie has are direct consequences of the film's effort not to be exciting or complex but to be a celebration of 10 years of MCU. Which it delivers very well, when you exclude the fact that Thor has turned into a fat clown and that Asgard has turned into a bunch of idiots living on Earth. This last part is really an offence.





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End of an era. There was a thunderous applause at the end. WOM is gonna be throught the roof, the ending is so emotional, everyone was crying so much. The perfect blockbuster. The perfect end to the MCU.

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Rarely has the conclusion to an epic saga been more fulfilling. Endgame hit all the right notes and then some, a deft mixture of humor and humanity, brokenness and sacrifice and the indomitable will; which more than any other superpower is what I believe epitomizes a superhero. 


To quote RDJ, I loved Endgame 3000

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to repeat what i was saying in the spoiler thread; great first act lots of excellent character stuff in there. second act very fanservicey in a fun way but not sure it'll play on rewatches. third act the battle is a total mess but the pay-offs at the end are nice. the very very end is super sweet.

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Ah, hello! Yes, the baddest bitch is back (briefly) again to review potentially the biggest movie of 2019! Let's get started, gworls. Spoilers below, obvi.




Cons, first, cuz, ya know we gotta get that out of the way,

- Marvel literally does everything right, except for the score for their spectacle films. Dis. A. Point. Ing. It wasn't as bad as Civil War's score, but it sure was worse than IW's. Y'all they NEED to hire someone other than Alan Silvestri. He doesn't know where to go with these films, and I've about had it! Bitch I had to rewatch MJ2's sewer scene (and credits, whew JNH can make MUSIC, okrrt), DH2's battle scene, and hell, even BvS's Doomsday fight scene to relieve myself of the mediocrity that was the Endgame score. Miss Silvestri really took that one hit with the OG Avengers theme and ran with it, huh. I would like JNH or Hans Zimmer next time, por favor. Lord knows that Marvel can definitely afford both. Anyway.


- Time travel was new, and I liked it (for reasons, it led to some very creative scenes.) but it got confusing at times. Like, as fuck. So, where's Gamora now? And how did Cap get old at the end? Or hell, if y'all can explain how he was able to get old, then how the hell did he end up back in the same place he left? Estoy confudido. 




- They gave my man a gratuitous shirtless scene........ with a POTBELLY. AND THEY KEPT IT. TILL THE END. IKYFL.




- The beginning (after Hawkeye's scene) was like rushed as hellllll, lol. With Cap. Marvel and them going to Thanos and then ending it like that. Felt surreal. Dunno, maybe they could have slowed it down a little.

- It was a lot more light-hearted than I thought it was going to be. Like deadass, lol. Thought it'd be at least consistent with tone, or something. Oh, well. At least kids can fully enjoy it. 


Kay, onto the PROOOS.

- Hawkeye's beginning scene. Whew, child.

- When Scott returned from the QR, might a fact alllllll the post-apocalyptic-esque scenes I fucked with. I needed mooooooore.









- THE (short ass, might I add) SCENE WITH ALL THE WOMEN (and peter jjksjdskdjksdj) TEAMING UP ND SHIT IKYFL, GIRL POWEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR (plus peter) !!!!!!!!! THE RUSSO BROTHERS' MINDS UGH-




- Lol I might've been the only one to notice this but a lot of scenes from this reminded me of other "Part 2s" like, Hawkeye's scene in the sewer with those aliens reminded me of MJ2's sewer scene, Thor and Cap fighting against Thanos lowkey reminded me of BD2 when Bella nd Ed were 2v1 against Aro. And THENNN the end when [redacted] got dusted 100% took me back to DH2. It prolly wasn't intentional, but hey. A sis ain't complaining. 


Overall, the score was ass. The movie was way more light-hearted than expected, but it still pulled through, I guess. Oh, and that final battle scene will be talked about for AGES to come. 


B-, (77%)

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I watched it two days ago so I've had time to process my thoughts...

  • This was such a messy movie. All of the other Russo Brothers movies felt tight and a little bit more organised (WS, CW and IW), this just felt kind of all over the place.
  • They did Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow dirty. I didn't even know whether to process on whether she was actually dead or not until the end, because when she did you weren't 100% sure on whether she would actually stay dead. 
  • So much for IW/Endgame giving Hulk a satisfactory conclusive arc? He developed off-screen and then stayed the same the entire movie.
  • This movie's time travel had SO many inconsistencies in it - I guess it comes with the territory of doing a time travel movie as there will never be one that makes perfectly sense, but this movie just kept disproving its own "concept" over and over again.
  • The pacing in this was really bad at times. The first 3rd was really, really messy. 
  • I liked the way they handled Tony's death though and Peppers reaction to it. Really poetic. I was trying to hold back my tears.
  • I liked Infinity War A LOT more than Endgame. I still loved this movie, but it was incredibly flawed and I think once people get over the fact that this is Endgame, people's feelings towards this movie will begin to wane over time. 
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3 hours ago, IndustriousAngel said:

8/10, A

very nice and nostalgic wrap-up for all those Marvel movies, with even a decent amount of fun, otoh it suffered from the same problem the big comic crossovers did - in the end, nothing much did matter.

I have a lot of issues with Endgame but imo this isn't one of it's issues. Vision, Loki, OG Gamora, Iron Man, and Black Widow are all dead ((Also Heimdall but...)) and are basically permanently dead.

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Saw Endgame in IMAX 3D today. I strongly recommend this format if you have it available near you. The movie looks spectacular.

As for the film ....... It had everything to me, the humanity, the heart, and the amazing action that made the MCU so awesome the last 11 years.  Never got up to go to the bathroom and never looked at my phone.


If anything, it isn't long enough.

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First let me say this was an event pic for the season, and it tied up dozens of characters and their storylines nicely. I will give it high marks, But.....


there were things to bone pick with this movie, and that is where I can best share who I am to all those who read these reviews. First and foremost was the BannerHulk halfbreed thing. It was a lousy attempt to make Hulk cool, give the actor more time without CGI taking over for half, and it was just not funny. Having those big fingers pushing buttons was never going to work, and yet we all know that their plan will go wrong on some level anyway. It came across like bad execution of a good plan. 


Now the plan involved time travel. An old Antman joke was that adding 'Quantom" to anything makes it sound pseudo scientific. It was still necessary to establish time travel as a means to bring Spiderman back before this summer's sequel and to create some memorable moments. Now we see Future Captain America back in time fighting Past Captain America. That was one of many 'golden moments' allowed with the time travel plot devise. I was looking forward to a better elevator scene. 


Now there were a lot of stories going on as different heroes were teaming up to retrieve different stones. Didn't they need only one stone to prevent the set from being complete? Things were chaotic trying to assemble all of them. For example, Why didn't Loki's escape bring him to Thor and mom on Asguard? They could convince him to help earth in the end. The whole drunken fat Thor was ugly, un needed and un funny. Giving Cap A the worthiness for a hammer is favoritism and, while in comics, not needed for me. 


Having Thanos discover the plan but wait for a battle on Earth to strike back was lame. He should send something to each breach of time for those heroes to contend with. 


another missed opportunity was during that giant final battle, where good guys amassed as big a force as they could conjure. We could have had more pairings. By pairings I mean that the football (stones on glove) gets passed around to different heroes, and when they get in trouble someone else saves them and passes it on. Everyone gets to save/introduce themselves with each other and surprising combinations could emerge. While the site of so many faces all at once was beautiful, the battle itself wasn't long enough. They could have done things like pairings with the ending battle. Maybe have a stone free version of Vision with new powers. 


I liked Stan Lee's cameo and I was surprised that the quick moment didn't have more reaction from the audience. They saw it and recognized him, but it wasn't a slomo emotion drawing scene. Still, I hope that his material moving onwards and upwards is exactly what he would want. 



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