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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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Maybe its that I have no connection with the "OG" characters, but I wasn't emotional or anything during this movie. The last battle sequence saved the movie for me though, but I still think it was pretty average.


I started paying attention to the MCU when captain America:civil war & doctor strange came out. I have far more attachment to the newer characters, and I think that's why the emotional beats in this movie didn't resonate with me at all.


I give it a B

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16 hours ago, Goffe said:

it's 3 now 😊


(Sighs)....Killjoy. Like always. 🙄


Why am i not surprised by your constant auto-pilot negativety against new big films? Like i can always predict that you will hate new upcoming blockbusters to the bottom no matter what. Nothing pleases you. Nothing!

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8 minutes ago, MrFanaticGuy34 said:

(Sighs)....Killjoy. Like always. 🙄


Why am i not surprised by your constant auto-pilot negativety against new big films? Like i can always predict that you will hate new upcoming blockbusters to the bottom no matter what. Nothing pleases you. Nothing!

Because Goffe has always been a contrarian. He's the Armond White of BOT

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I don't know if I liked it slightly less or slightly more than IW, but it's in the same ballpark.

Good stuff

-Cap's and Tony's arcs came to a perfect ending, watching their relationship come to its conclusion was immensely satisfying. 

-The middle part with the time travel heist could last 2 more hours and I would still like it. Logic and Marvel bullshit science  aside, it was so much fun and ludicrous I couldn't believe they were pulling it off this well.

-Hulk embracing his dual nature and Thor keeping the beer gut throughout the movie were the most hilarious/inspired choices the russos made like ever.

-That they found a not horrible way to sidestep Gamora's death. Still not a fan of how much more hollow makes this her IW death, but we all knew it was coming. Could have been way worse.

-Captain holding the mjolnir and the big 3 fighting Thanos was an instantly iconic moment. The audience lost their shit when it happened, I'll remember that audience reaction forever.


Bad stuff

-The huge battle that follows the big3 vs Thanos was kinda underwhelming, kinda murky and didn't connect with me. The wakanda battle was better staged.

-While I loved the new new Hulk, his CGI was far from perfect and looked weird at many occasions.

-And my one big gripe is Black Widow's fate. Straight up bullshit. Killing her so unceremoniously and so early in the movie make her a footnote because of the Tony/Cap finales. It almost feels like she died in a previous movie and not 45 minutes ago. And I really don't understand why she dies instead of Hawkguy other than "HE'S GOT KIDS". But I don't give a shit about hawkguy or his kids. She deserved better than this.






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41 minutes ago, Joel M said:

And I really don't understand why she dies instead of Hawkguy other than "HE'S GOT KIDS". But I don't give a shit about hawkguy or his kids. She deserved better than this.

The way I saw it, Natasha really had nothing to lose considering her past before the Avengers (something I assume will be better explored in the standalone movie coming next year), so she was more than willing to make the sacrifice for the sake of the universe being restored.

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7 hours ago, FilmBuff said:

DashR and Goffe both Fs. Why am I not surprised? 🙄  Bet both of those clowns haven’t seen this movie. 

Why you gotta be so antagonist to anyone with a different opinion lmao

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All I can say right now is that I have seen it three times and it gets better every time.  I cried the third time I saw it and not the first two.  THAT'S POWERFUL STUFF.



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Thought it was great conclusion overall but a step down from IW for me. 


1st Act - Loved this. The five year time skip after killing Thanos really set the mood of hopelessness. Had some great character moments from Ironman, Cap, BW and even Antman.


2nd Act - This started off great and had some cool callbacks to previous MCU films but dragged way too long. Also the tonal shift to comedy just went overboard to the point where the audience was even laughing at BW and Hawkeye fighting for the soul stone. Black Widow's death left no impact on me which is sad because Scar Jo was great in this. 


3rd Act - This had so many cool moments. The big 3 fighting Thanos and Cap getting the hammer got the biggest reaction from the audience. All the avengers fighting on screen vs Thanos army was epic. Also what a badass way for Tony Stark to go out. RDJ was phenomenal in this. 


Other thoughts - Good effort on explaining the time travel mumbo jumbo but it's still nonsense. As epic as the last act was I felt IW was staged much better.


8/10 (A-)

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My first review in a long time-saw a 6:30PM showing on it's pre opening night.

Anyway-this is probably my favorite out of every MCU (heck comic book movies), which I thought nothing would top Thor 3 for phase 3 for me, but it did. The film was really great, couldn't believe it was 3 hours. There were some emotional parts (Black Widow, Cap and Tony among that), funny parts (fat Thor? That was GREAT), StarLord back. I'm not sure where they will go from here (other then Black Panther 2, Spider-Man: Far From Home, AsGaurdians of the Galaxy as I call it, Ant-Man 3 and Strange 2, among any other new ones).  This should be nominated at the Oscars, probably wont unless if they grow desperate for ratings (they have become such a joke, but that's another convo for another time)


Anyway A.

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Before watching this I really hoped and thought I'd like AEG. After watching it (a week ago now) I lost almost all interest in BO. I was and am so disappointed, it's depressing.


I really disliked AIW but thought this one could be good... One thing I hate about both movies is Thanos. When he appeared first and took his ridiculous glove out of the safe I really hoped that guy wouldn't become important in future movie. Well... Many say he'd be such a great villain and isn't as dumb as many others. But I have to say, I liked Ultron more. Thanos looks just too ridiculous (not only because of his glove) to be taken seriously.

But I digress... I think the beginning of the movie, the scene with H and his family, was great, but most other stuff that followed was boring as hell. The 1st third of the movie just couldn't take off. Not that I oppose a slow movie but it wasn't slow it was boring. There were some rays of hope (I liked IM with family) but most of the time nothing interesting happened.

I really liked the 2nd act and thought the movie would turn out to become better (later I had to learn that I already saw the peak). I liked the explanation of time travel and why changing the past wouldn't affect the present (of course later there were some real points of logical failures...). It was fun to see them visit their old selfs.

But then the 3rd part happened and the dream collapsed. I know all people loved the effects but I really didn't like them. I don't exactly know why but it all seemed to be totally fake (of course it is fake but other movies did a better job in hiding it - 10 years ago Avatar had a world being totally fake and it looked better...). I liked Cap holding Mjolnir and I liked all the portals opening, but the battle sequence (which mainly is the one I didn't like the look) was so awful. For example this female-superheros-are-coming-to-rescue scene. I know why they did this, but why would they all be at the same position? And why would Captain Marvel (who was used very unsatisfying) even need someone else as she just flew over the whole battlefield? She's just much to overpowered to not steel the show and this whole explanation of her being needed by other systems was extremely unsatisfying. And why this whole snapping thing?! That was much less ridiculous being just a saying...

IM death was OK to me, but I hated the Cap thing. Maybe it's just me but I didn't want to see him old and he just should have send a message or something. The movie just ending with him dancing would have been better to me.

Now to the time travel flaws: When you can save people from dying, why wouldn't you just go back to save the people that died from a time they hadn't like they did with Gamora? And this whole thing about bringing the stones back: Loki has one of them, how does Cap want to adjust that again?...


Again, I really wanted to like the movie. Maybe I even liked it a bit more than AIW. I wanted to give a D first but I thought that wouldn't be fair since it may not be that bad and I'm just to disappointed. So I gave a C.

To get back to the BO thing: I really can't understand how AEG can have good WOM and I have to try not to be mad about its success. I don't think it's worth it. And it doesn't seem like a good movie to be the biggest ever. So even though as a BO lover I should love seeing a movie breaking records, (somewhere deep inside) I still hope it won't pass Avatar...


Among Avengers movies: I may be the only person with such a ranking but...

AIW < Av1 & AEG <<< AOU (The only Avengers movie I really liked)

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Cap: Should I just say "Eff it" and go Full Fangirl?

@Plain Old Tele: Oh, no.  Abort.  Abort.

@Porthos: Do it.

Cap: 😈


Avengers: Endgame




I want to talk about the greatest cinematic experience of my life.


My Bestie and I live in different states.  We both knew that neither could really handle seeing Endgame with, frankly, anyone but each other.  If I was going to watch Steve Rogers die -- and we made the plans circa November 2018, so I was convinced he was going to die -- I had zero interest in watching it with some unlit, un-indoctrinated crowd of basic bitches.  This was Endgame.  We made plans to meet up in New York City for the Lincoln Square IMAX.  Again, if I was going to have to watch Thanos beat Steve Rogers to death with his own shield, it had to be on the biggest screen in the best quality theater on the East Coast.


As fate would have it, Lincoln Square 13 wasn't doing the Advanced Fan Events.  We ended up at some random 250 seat theater at AMC Empire 25.  My IMAX screen at home was bigger.  But it started an hour early, and that was all that matters.  Our stress level really couldn't handle waiting another hour.  We piled into the theater.  Groups came in batches of two, four, sometimes six.  Bestie and I still had our headphones in.  I was NOT going to get spoiled in line like with Infinity War.  No one really chit-chatted with folks outside of their group aside from the Thanos Thirst Legion sitting behind us.  They were loud.  And they were there for Thanos' Daddy Vibe.


The lights go down.  The movie begins.  


And then two hours and twelve minutes into it, my soul leaves my body.  




I don't remember if I was screaming, or crying, or out of my seat, or dead on the floor.  It was everything I ever wanted and didn't know I could have.



 ( Is this what heterosexual lust feels like? )


For a moment all was perfect -- until -- Oh fuck, oh fuck, it's finally happening:




Dreaded it.  Ran from it.  But after seven years, it was inevitable.  He didn't say the line, but Evans' eyes said for it him.  As he faced down Thanos' Army I was strangely at peace knowing my beloved was going to go out as he came in: a kid in a back alley that didn't know when to run from a fight.


But no.  No.  The Russos and M&M weren't gonna do me like that.  Suddenly the voice of a fucking angel cuts through the score and theater.  "Cap?  Cap, can you hear me?  It's SamOn Your Left."


Oh god, oh god, oh god.  Did The Russos just say #SamSteveRights?  Oh, god, oh, god, What is happening? And then there's T'Challa exiting that Portal backlit like a fucking Jesus. 




And Sam's flying out,




and the portals are opening, and Alan Silversti's score is killing it, and the wide shot's surveying the battlefield,




and I'm quietly under my breath muttering:


Say it.


Say it.


Say it, say it, saaaaaaaay IT.


Then I hear someone else behind me starting to scream at the screen: Say It.


Suddenly, a group of 250 strangers, who have never met before, and will never meet again, who are only bonded by our love and excitement over a movie, are all screaming SAY IT.  Because we all have waited seven years for two words.  We all know what's coming.




My audience screamed so loud I thought the roof would blow.  It was magic.  It was such a strange, euphoric experience that I doubt I will ever recreate in a movie theater.  What is the greatest cinematic experience of my life? Getting to see, and feel, and hear pure joy.


I love this movie. I could easily write another 5k squee fest scene-by-scene breakdown on how much I love this movie.  I even wonder if my years of being Officially Over It regarding the MCU made me love it more.    


I love that the Wakanda Battle Sequence and Avengers Assemble Battle Sequence have the exact same beats; there's such satisfaction in knowing "I have watched this before and watched them loose, but now because they're working together, they're going to win."


I love how everything feels like such a natural progression, so that when Tony Stark "is the one to lie down on the wire" and Steve Rogers is the one to "cut the wire" it makes complete sense.


I love that use the Time Heist sequence to playfully balance shameless fan service and showing off how these characters have changed/evolved over the twenty-two movie arc.


It was absolutely my favorite movie of the year. It might even be my favorite movie of the decade… LOL JK Winter Soldier #1 4EVA. It is the capstone to a truly monumental piece of work. Whether you just want to call it a production factory, or the greatest television series of all time, or nature step in comic book episodic storytelling, the staggering work, dedication, and faith in their proof of concept that Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, and everyone at Marvel Studios — displayed over the past 10 years is remarkable. 


The truly mind-blogging 357M domestic opening weekend, and 1.2 Billion Global Total Opening Weekend is something we'll likely never see again.  Not for a very, very long time unless a Chinese film blows up.  Avengers: Endgame could be the crescendo of Kevin Feige's cinematic symphony or only the end of its first movement.  Who knows what will happen in the next decade?  Hell, who knows if we'll even be here in the next decade? (LMFAO, Note: I wrote this before COVID, so that's extra funny to me.)


All I know is that for one crazy weekend in April, everyone in the world went to the cinema.

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Still bitter they killed Tony right they got his life together. But the final battle was amazing.


And they did hulk and Thor dirty! 


Bring on THE BATMAN 

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I guess I never posted here. Looking back after a year I think I have to give it an A, just short of the +.    

I’m really, really glad that they made the time travel work logically — that’s a huge sticking point for me and I would have to dock it like a full letter grade if they had bungled it.      

I liked act 1 the most and act 3 the least, though act 3 has the most iconic moments for sure. Killing IW’s Thanos in the first couple dozen minutes was a ballsy surprise, but the movie kind of suffers for it later as 2014 Thanos is not as compelling an antagonist and didn’t even do the things that the heroes suffered from — e.g. “I don’t even know who you are.”    

Most of the characters get a good arc in terms of how they’ve dealt with grief over the time skip, though the aftermath of Black Widow’s death gets kind of rushed through. They didn’t really know what to do with Captain Marvel it seems — “I’m too powerful to be part of the main mission so I’ll just be offscreen doing shit in space” was not exactly a satisfying payoff to the IW stinger.   

Still, mostly very very good. Entertaining, emotional, well-paced despite the runtime.

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