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FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW | 585.1 M overseas ● 759.1 M worldwide

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Looks meh in Germany 115k Thursday ($1.22M) which is just 5k above TLK's 3rd Thursday and TLK isn't doing gangbuster numbers here. That means that there actually still is a 50% chance or so for TLK to win the weekend in admissions and $.

Which would lead to probably the 5th biggest OWend this year (below Endgame, TLK, Captain Marvel and How to Train your Dragon 3) a little above Spider-Man and Pokemon.


Just for comp reasons:

F&F8: 200k (that was a Wednesday though, and than a 1145k OWend)

F&F7: 287k (Wednesday too, than a 1334k OWend)

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  4 5 6 7 8 H&S
Dom 155.0 209.8 238.6 353.0 226.0 150
China     66.5 390.9 393 250
OS-Ch 208.1 416.3 483.5 775.7 616 350
Overseas 208.1 416.3 550 1166.6 1009 600
Worldwide 363.2 626.1 788.7 1520 1236 750


350 might be too conservative a guess for OS-Ch, but if it does do 125m overseas this weekend that would probably be a fair mark. 

Domestic will probably be the 2nd lowest attended F&F movie after Tokyo Drift.

China 250?  No clue how much of the audience it'll hold onto there.

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