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FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW | 585.1 M overseas ● 759.1 M worldwide

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1 hour ago, KP1025 said:


They'll probably want to reduce the budget for future spin-offs though. $200 million budget for a mid-$700 million finish is probably lower than what Universal was expecting. 


45 minutes ago, a2k said:

the drop dom will be around 23% which is very good. drop in china will be 47-48%. considering dom returns are 55% vs 25% from china it's not as big a hit ww as it appears. 


a non-spinoff could itself have dropped that much dom going by F8's 2.29x multi and mixed reception. the studio will take heart from the 2.85-2.9x multi for HS. feel confident we will get HS2. they will need to reign in the prod budget like say jw2 did.


Yep and it's budget was $50m less than the 8th instalment.

Using 55% / 38% an 25% Fate made $457m from it's theatrical run and Hobs will make  $294.45m so they should have reigned in the budget a bit more for sure but I don't understand why they would think that hobs could make closer to $900m when it's not in their main series. 


That said they should be very worried about F9, 1B seems pretty hard atm. 

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Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $172,256,465    22.8%
Foreign:  $582,800,000    77.2%

Worldwide:  $755,056,465  


looking to end with about 759 ww

174.25 dom (gets a surprising 2.9x multi at 174.1)

200.75 china

384 os-china

174.25*0.55 + 200.75*0.25 + 384*0.40 = 299.6

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