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Summer Game Week 4 - Thanos may have a Gauntlet, but Wick has a Monday to Friday horse!

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Part A:


1. Will John Wick make more than $35M? Yes

2. Will John Wick make more than $50M? Yes

3. Will John Wick make more than $42.5M? Yes

4. Will Avengers Endgame's Weekend total be closer to John Wick's or Pikachu's? Pikachu

5. Will all three of John Wick's days beat Dog's Journey's 3 day total? Yes


6. Will The Sun is Also a Star open in the top 5?  No

7. Will Ugly Dolls stay above Breakthrough? Yes

8. Will Breakthrough's PTA stay above $875? No

9. Will Endgame overtake Avatar Domestically ON Saturday? Yes

10. Will Captain Marvel have a bigger percentage drop than Shazam? Yes


11. Will Pikachu increase more than 70% on Saturday? No

12. Will The Hustle Drop more than 32% on Sunday? Yes

13. Will La Larona stay above $1M? No

14. Will Endgame overtake Avatar WW by the end of the weekend? No

15. Will Pikachu do more or less Detective Work than the combined 5 Batmans that we have had to date?  didnt we answer this before?



Part B:


1. What will John Wick's OW be? $55m

2. What will UglyDoll's percentage drop be? -50%

3. What will Long Shot's PTA be? $1480



Part C


1. John Wick 3

3. Detective Pikachu

6. The Intruder

8. The Sun is also a Star

11. Breakthrough

13. Tolkien

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