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Eric Atreides

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME WEEK THREAD l 93.6M 3-Day, 185.1M 6-Day. l ****NO SPOILERS**** | Sale $5 off Gold/Premium/Silver l Other #s - TS4 34.3, YDay 10.7, Annabelle 9.7, Aladdin 7.6, Midsommar 6.6 (10.9 5-Day)

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I'll be curious to see when the third Spider-Man film will be released, my guess is 2022 as I suspect Sony will want to release Spider-Verse 2 that year and Summer 2021 is quite heavy scheduling wise. 

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2 minutes ago, UserHN said:

#2 of the year goes to either TLK or TROS. Just my hunch.

FFH needs to reach $500 million to even be in the conversation, and even then it'd be tough.

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13 minutes ago, FlashMaster659 said:


21 hours ago, Porthos said:

If Sacto is any guide, much higher. Feeling 3m is kinda likely right now. Gonna do a mid-day check in a bit.





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I loved the Raimi Spider-Man films (Spider-Man 2 is still in my top 5 all time superhero movies) and Holland has killed it as Spidey for the MCU. Remember, Spider-Man is probably the most popular superhero of all time aside from Superman and Batman (historically***  meaning over the last 50-70 years not just within the last 10 years with the MCU heroes). The Raimi films were box office juggernauts. Even the crappy 3rd film shattered records. Coming off Endgame this could really have the "Iron Man 3 coming off Avengers" boost. So 420-475, even 500 isn't that crazy of a thought. Damn, Could Star Wars Episode 9 not even be within the top 4 domestically for 2019? o.O (hahahha jk but i mean...)

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How Friday looks at my AMC


30 minutes ago, FlashMaster659 said:


Spider-Man: Far From Home - AMC Ontario Mills 30 (Tuesday)


Dolby Cinema


9:00 AM - 167/203

12:30 PM - 178/203

4:00 PM - 175/203

7:30 PM - 189/203

11:00 PM - 161/203


3D Dine-In


11:00 AM - 37/63

12:00 PM - 40/78

2:30 PM - 36/63

3:30 PM - 37/78

6:00 PM - 42/63

7:00 PM - 53/78

9:30 PM - 35/63

10:30 PM - 39/78


RealD 3D


9:45 AM NEW - 5/44

10:00 AM - 16/167

10:30 AM - 21/114

1:30 PM - 13/167

5:00 PM  - 33/167

8:30 PM - 118/167

9:00 PM - 42/114

12:00 AM - 2/167

12:30 AM - ?/?*


2D Spanish-Subtitled


2:00 PM - 44/114

5:30 PM - 88/114




9:00 AM NEW - 19/45

9:15 AM NEW - 21/44

9:30 AM - 174/217

9:45 AM NEW - 24/55

11:30 AM - 132/167

1:00 PM - 184/217

3:00 PM - 139/167

4:30 PM - 182/217

6:30 PM - 150/167

8:00 PM - 189/217

10:00 PM - 144/167

11:15 PM NEW - 20/44

11:30 PM - 147/217

12:00 AM - 5/44




3101(+448)/5022(+232) (61.7%)


*This is a glitched sellout and because I cannot tell what theater it is in or how many seats are sold, it will not be included in the total unless the glitch is fixed.

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1 minute ago, JimiQ said:

People are overhyping again. Everyone just calm down and hope for $200m 6day and Captain Marvel DOM/WW

What's wrong with hoping for high numbers? I'd be fine with Captain Marvel DOM/WW but from the way its performing it does seem like it can go significantly higher than that (especially WW).

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14 minutes ago, captainwondyful said:






I appreciate it cap, but the final number call wasn't nearly as close. :lol:


I personally Blame Canada (which apparently didn't have any midnight screenings). ;)



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8 minutes ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

So we aren't even done with EG yet and FFH is here. Tough next 9 months with no MCU.

Gonna give Spidey long late legs, as people pine for the supers they aren't gonna get for awhile:)...Homecoming had the same late bump for the same reasons:)...

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This is going to be a fun 6 days to track. I expect alot of ups and downs as the week plays out due to different historical factors playing against each other and possibly offsetting each other at times.


For FFH specifically.

It opens on a Tuesday - which could mean some additional OD boosting due to discount tuesdays.

July 3 is normally a big day (bigger than July 4th), but it will be FFH's second day, so will it play like a Saturday for a typical Friday opener.

Thur should go down due to the Holiday.

Then you have a 3 day weekend. How much demand is met the first 3 days and how does that affect the weekend.


I'm not sure we will have a really good feel for the 6 day total until Saturday.


For other movies.

Tuesday is usually a big day. But alot of movies lost alot of theaters today. So I think the ones that got hit the hardest in theater losses could actually see decreases. I think there will be some movies that increase today and some that fall.


Wednesday. Most weeks you get big drops on Wednesday - but with movies losing screens on Tuesday we may not see that as much this week. also it being a July 3rd should offset the drops. 


Thursday. Whatever movies make on Wednesday - they should see a drop on Thursday.

Then we move into the weekend. With it being a long weekend for many what will the increases be like? Will they be more muted due to higher weekdays than normal?


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4 hours ago, Walt Disney said:

The time has come. The one movie with the potential to ruin my "Disney to have the top 4 domestic grossing movies" club, If the final gross is less than Captain Marvel, my club should be a success. If it goes over Captain Marvel, and TS4 doesn't develop amazing legs, then Frozen 2 and Star Wars will both have to hit it out of the ballpark.

Your club’s best chances have always been AEG, TLK, F2, TROS. 

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