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Crowd Reports Thread

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JOKER 7:00 PM Thursday screenings 

Was running “late” so I may have missed a few”.


Gemini man: no reactions at all 


Dr Sleep: 1st trailer  ( light chatters at the end and one “it’s so scary“ when that shinning theme  comes in )


1917: no reactions 


Birds of Prey: one loud “I love her” during trailer. chatters after, with a group of young I assume college aged girls being quite excited.


and that’s it’s 


also when it came to the movie my audience was very responsive many laughs at the dark humor, many many gasps throughout, and about 40 ish percent of the theater clapped at the end.

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6:50 PM, 10% full, one of the biggest auditoriums

Regal Mayfaire Stadium 16



1917 (behind the scenes promo)

Dark Waters

Ford v. Ferrari

The Turning (nervous chuckes)

The Good Liar

The Rhythm Section

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (quiet murmurs)

The Lodge


People talked about how much they liked the film after watching it. There was quiet laughter throughout. Mostly silent investment.

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Frozen II

9:45 AM


I wanted to hit the first showing of the day because I'm not sure when (or if) these kids ever go to school anymore. There were still about 5 kids in there. And some teenagers.


Trailers: I got there kind of late to begin with, and then learned that oh, now they charge us tax, so I had to go look in my car for change. I have no idea what else I missed.


Jumanji 2

A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood



Someone was on their phone at one point, but it was when Olaf was doing something stupid, so it's okay. Occasionally a kid would cry.

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Ford v Ferrari



Uncut Gems


Knives Out

The King's Man



Crowd ate it up. After the movie, my theater had a set up of an authentic GT40 from that era (think the same model and color in the Matt Damon/Tracy Letts scene. There was tape set up around it and one older guy in the perimeter, so I think it might have been his. Pretty cool stuff. Pretty much everyone at my screening was taking pictures around it

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