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Crowd Reports Thread

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On BOM's Friday report. (I still can't believe SH2 did so poorly, I really have to wonder how well any hit would do anymore. Heck TDK might of not even came close now to what it did, MI4 could actually have a small increase this weekend due to the inflated weekend)

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I ended up seeing 3 movies this weekend, SH2 on Friday and YA and TTSS todaySherlock Holmes 2Friday 4:45 showing, roughly 150 people in a 400 seat theaterI only recall 3 of the trailersJack The Giant Killer- A bit of chatterJohn Carter- got the crowd buzzing, lots of talkingThe Dark Knight- big reaction, heard a few "Oh Yeah's!"The crowd seemed to like the movie well enough, it was paced well and the banter was quick and witty, but some of Holmes deductions ended up being based on things the audience wasn't really shown, or was very fleeting.Generally positive remarks after it ended-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Young AdultSaturday 12:50 showing, roughly 150 people in a 225 seat theater (same # of people as Sherlock but it felt more crowded)Trailers-One For The Money- the crowd really liked this, and god help me so did I. I normally can't stand Heigl and the plot seemed a lot like Aniston's "The Bounty Hunter", but with Heigl taking Gerard Butler's role but I still found the trailer good for some reason. :rolleyes:The Dictator- The reaction was huge, people were laughing during the trailer. This looks to be exactly the type of movie that fans of Adam Sandler movies just love (yeah, I know it's Sacha Baron Cohen, but it looks exactly like a classic Sandler Movie, think Zohan), over the top fun. It's on my must watch list now.The movie was quite good, it was... different, the laughs were mainly from comments that would be delivered jokingly or ironically in other movies but delivered with a deadpan seriousness in this movie. Exit comments were positive, lots of discussion about Theron's character.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, SpySaturday 3:40 showing, over 200 people in a 250 seat theaerThe size of the crowd was surprising and the average age of the audience had to be mid 40's at least, the 2nd oldest crowd I've seen this year, only the opening weekend crowd for The Help skewed older.The audience was engrossed in this movie, I could hear talking around me throughout, but they kept it quiet enough so as not to be annoying. There was a lot of discussion going on after it ended, I could hear people discussing how it fared compared to the book, mainly that it was very close, but that the movie was better.

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Saturday, 7:45 PM. LIEmax theater was 95% full. (Unfortunately, the only 70mm IMAX theater in my state doesn't normally play films, just 30-45 minute documentaries)


Journey 2 the Mysterious Island - Got a few laughs, that's about it.

John Carter - No reaction.

The Dark Knight Rises - No reaction, surprisingly.

Titanic 3D - No reaction.

Underworld Awakening - No reaction.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is what every action blockbuster should be. It's well-written, it's action-packed, it's fast paced, it's got great performances and a screenplay that does its job perfectly. The plot is easy to follow and it isn't convoluted or contrived. The Burj Dubai scene was amazing (even in LIEmax, the scene was still intense), and the rest of the action scenes were great. Brad Bird knocked it right out of the park with this film. If there were any flaws, they were tiny. The film does slow down a bit before the climax, but that's about it. Some of the audience applauded at the end.


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Cinema City, Bacau, Romania

Sunday, December 18th

14:20 - Mission: Impossible 4


Some Whalberg crappy-looking film - no reaction

Some Nicolas Cage crappy-looking film - no reaction

The Muppets - dubbed in Romanian, people were like "What the fuck is this shit?!"

Crowd: 300-seater, packed house, maybe 5 or so empty seats, mostly male, skewing young (under 30)


Loved it. Fantastic action, a decent story, great humor, it was nice that it felt like the whole team was truly involved. Renner was great and makes me excited about the Bourne spin-off. My only gripe was the villain. He was weak. No real screen presence. The threat as a whole was good, but the villain was forgettable.


Crowd reaction: Laughter at the right parts, some scattered applause at the end. Definitely well received.

17:10 - Breaking Dawn I


New Year's Eve - shoot me now, no reaction from audience

Sherlock Holmes 2: yeah, I'll see it, some muttering

Mission Impossible 4: I laughed out loud considering that I'd just finished watching it like half an hour before. No reaction.

Crowd: 200-seater, maybe 50 people, mostly couples and females, a few lost souls who might have gotten into the movie by mistake...

The movie: Couldn't fucking avoid it. My boyfriend dragged me into the theater.

One of the best comedies of the year...I'll leave it at that.


Crowd reaction: People laughed at a lot of the stuff, made jokes, afterwards accusing one another for having picked the movie. I'd say it was a negative reaction... :lol:

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows5:40PM today220 seats around 50% fullTrailers: (no reaction to any)Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolThe Girl With The Dragon TattooThe Iron LadyThe Dark Knight RisesThe crowd seemed to be really into it, lots of laughing at the right moments and I heard only positive reactions on my way out of the cinema.

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Sunday, 6 PM- Jordan's Furniture IMAX

Capacity: 500 (75-80% full)

Trailers: None

Special Preview- The Dark Knight Rises

Oh. My. God.

First of all I can't say enough how amazing this theater is. The screen is gigantic and it works best with these type of adrenaline pumping action films- the most breathtaking moments of which occur during aerial scenes. So needless to say with this entire preview taking place in an airplane- it was more than WOW. Worth the price of admission in of itself. Only problem is that Bane's dialogue is a little hard to understand, but it's passable. This has raised my excitement for this film in a huge way and I can't wait to come see it at this theater this weekend.

The 400+ crowd "whoo'd" and gave sustained applause after the preview ended.

Film- Mission: Impossible

Now when I said that TDKR preview was worth the admission price alone, that means nothing to take away from MI4. This film was stunning. It's the best big budget action film I've seen this year and probably one of the best action films I've seen ever seen. Of course the plot is complicated and confusing and a little cheesy but that's besides the point, and in fact I think it was crafted that way purposely. This is all about Tom Cruise & company doing insane stunts and kicking ass. Tom Cruise is officially BACK. This film has a ton of those wide aerial shots and in this screen in particular you really do feel like you're flying through the air looking over Budapest, Moscow, Dubai etc. It's really breathtaking. The supporting cast all was great- Simon Pegg provided the comic relief, the girl was the sexy femme fatale, and best of all was Jeremy Renner who is right on the brink of greatness. It's cool to see Mikael Blomqvist from the original GWTDT in a Hollywood film but also a little sad that he has to play the stereotypical evil European. My only complaint is the very last scene, which was horrible and kind of took the air out of the film, but otherwise this was a relentless sensory assault that doesn't quit and it's a damn good time at the theater. If you're a fan of these kinds of heart pumping action flicks, then go see this, and see it in IMAX.


Also- side note, it's not even necessary to see previous installments in the series. I've seen MI1 a million times but only seen bits and pieces of MI2 and MI3 and did not feel worse off for it.

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Sherlock 22:15 PMAbout 80% full, one of the most crowded films of the year along with Rango, Pirates 4 and Real Steel (Yes I'm not joking)Mostly people above 40. (Not as old as the audience in the first one though)Trailers:Only one had ANY reaction really. You can guess which one :PIron Lady: Not much really other then someone saying "Boring" it does look it, though it might be okay.John Carter (New trailer): Finally a new trailer. Looks okay.Battleship: "This looks like a straight up Transformers Ripoff" Oh wait that was me saying that :PJack the Giant Killer: Looks decent.GI Joe 2: Actually looks decent. The audience laughed at the Bruce Willis part.The Dark Knight Rises: The entire theater clapped. Really, people were clapping big time at the title.Movie: Great, better then the first. The audience really enjoyed it, laughed as well. This was darker then the first one. The music really good even if its nearly the same. RDJ continues to be great. And hey, that was Richard Harris son. Tons of WW1 references to the event that would happen nearly 25 years after the film. Jude Law was enjoyable. The girl was not that bad either. I believe this is her first English role, kind of intresting since she speaks better English then some people. Some great lines, like the the line about how Watson is not as slow like Sherlock says (A reference to how the old movies falsey potrayed him) Can't wait till the 3rd one.A

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It was a strange story for DH2, me, my sis and her bf arived at the theater a hour early since we thought it be crowded.Though this might have something to do with it-the theater was a newer theater that does not attract that big of a audience.Real Steel, we were having some really bad weather at the time, so who knows. It was just odd.Captain America was pretty crowded, but that was expected. Pirates was very crowded, I think only a couple seats remained.Rango, that is expected considering where I live.The most crowded movies I can remember were TPM and ROTK. (TPM, I had to stand in a long line to get into the theater)Lost World was beyond crowded as well.A Bug's Life-the line wrapped around the 24 screen theater.The last film I saw with a really really long line was Alice I think.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

7:45PM Monday, December 19th

Kendall Square Landmark Cinemas 9

Theater Capacity: 300 (40% full; diverse range in ages)

Ticket Price: $9.00


(***First of all, you need to check out this ad. They playbefore all the films at this theater and it annoys the hell out of me: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQlueM5ETYU&feature=related )

Being Flynn - this Robert DeNiro film looks uninteresting, but got the audience talking.

In the Land of Blood and Honey - same trailer, then silence from audience.

The Artist - I'd seen this trailer online a number of times, but it gave me goosebumps to watch on the big screen. I can't wait to see this when it plays here next week. No reaction from audience.

A Dangerous Method - looks intriguing, got some talking from audience.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is really difficult to follow--especially during the first hour--and it's not until Tom Hardy's character enters the picture that we (I) get a better sense of what's going on. I neither read the book this film was based off of, nor did I catch the mini-series, nor did I have even a clue what the film was about. My only lure to check this out was the list of actors starring in the film, especially Colin Firth fresh off his Oscar win and (again) Tom Hardy, who after only 3.05 films I've watched him in has convinced me he can do anything.

To be honest, I actually had to visit the wikipedia plot description for this movie when I got home. The plot jumps around a lot from past to present, which I suppose would be alright if there were only a few characters we were watching. But there are so many people to keep track of--so many names and faces to remember--that watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy feels more like work and less like entertainment. Despite this confusion, the acting in this film is (as I'd hoped) very impressive. Gary Oldman really gets lost in his role, as usual, as do most of the other characters (except for Toby Jones, who for the life of me I will always equate with Truman Capote).

I'm pretty confident that the audience was divided on the movie. Two girls sitting in front of me fell asleep, one of whom told her boyfriend at the end "I didn't like it," to which he responded, "Are you kidding me?! I loved it! Especially the ending." One old guy clapped at the end and said "Brilliant" in his British accent, which got me thinking that perhaps this story means more for people like him than people like me. It's no King's Speech (not by a mile), but fortunately it's no Tree of Life either. Unless you're either a history buff or a fan of the British espionage genre (NOT 007), I would recommend waiting to watch this on TV.

THE VERDICT: 7.5 / 10.0, C

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