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Eric Atreides

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I saw it this afternoon. Fairly full theatre for a 2pm showing in Calgary. I saw multiple families decked out in Lion King gear. 


It really is a visual treat that delivers the story that people expect and still holds up. My older kid loved it, my younger kid was there for the popcorn, but that's the usual with him. 


I don't think this movie will have the lasting impact on my kids as the original did for the generation prior, but this is an absolute solid family outing to the theatre. 


We were there with three generations of family, and everyone went home entertained. These remakes are the only movies that really achieve that (we didn't see Aladdin with grandparents, but they went a week prior to when we did and raved about it). 

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28 minutes ago, Jiffy said:

Aladdin and TLK really underscore what a massive over-performer BATB ended up being. 

The animated BATB was most young girl's favorite before Frozen came out.

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21 minutes ago, The Panda said:

I heard from Tele, he told me that the kids weren’t very engaged with this Lion King.  Seems to coincide with my experience and restless kids in the movie.

Maybe it can be a parent movie, a la Zotoopia, and get that sweet sweet 4.55X multiplier.

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47 minutes ago, RealLyre said:

185M from a 23M previews would be very frontloaded for a family film. makes me doubt high 500s total even more!

It's never gonna happen 


17 minutes ago, TwoMisfits said:

Empty calendar leading into the movie, enormous presale deal for the movie, enormous enormous enormous fan base of the original film, known rush factor by generic Disney fan base, enormous clear out by movie theaters for opening night (and all weekend), and possibly not spectacular family WOM...


It may be unprecedented for its type of movie, but it actually wouldn't be surprising...

Except WOM is great. Like Aladdin just a bit less which had monstrous legs.

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3 hours ago, narniadis said:

@baumer the last couple of pages remind me of why you tried to put a brake on things this morning. Guru makes a comment and bam worrying about charlie being off... 🤦‍♂️


Yep because this place is too impetuous.  

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3 minutes ago, That One Guy said:

The Lion King is the worst movie I’ve seen this year, and I saw Hellboy

Seems legit. You've got served an Oscar winner too?

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1 hour ago, Rthhome said:

Couple hours ago I  was thinking TLK 78-82, went with 80m which I think seems to be where others are thinking atm., see how it goes into evening Pre-sales is always a big factor

Damn, frontloaded. PS heavy. 57M true Friday, miss 200M. 80s Audience score, kids hate it, flop with just 1.3B   





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