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UK Box Office Thread

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5 hours ago, PhilipJ2001 said:

Any news on how the previews of A Dog's Purpose did?

I went to a screening on Saturday 29th in Birmingham and it had 6/7 people in it... Also I have no idea how much my ticket added to box office as it says £0 on it. So it may have done well outside of that screening though (It was at 10.10am)

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Didn't goto the cinema this weekend, the new releases looked dire. Sleepless and A Dog's Purpose?! Obviously saw Guardians last weekend.


I've booked tickets for Alien: Covenant on Friday at 20.40 and it's starting to fill up. 

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Wonder how Guardians is holding up. It looked pretty busy last night. It'll probably drop harder than usual though due to last weekend being a holiday. 55% drop from Fri-Sun would be around £6m. 

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3 minutes ago, keysersoze123 said:

Its really bad a market like UK has no source for tracking BO. China is the best while most countries have some source for daily updates.

I agree. It's ridiculous for such a big market. Also the fact that there is virtually no admissions statistics.



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1 hour ago, keysersoze123 said:

Its really bad a market like UK has no source for tracking BO. China is the best while most countries have some source for daily updates.


There is one, the UK critics sometimes tweet daily numbers out.


But I'm guessing it's a service that you have to pay for.

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i agree Rentrack will charge for accessing real time BO but some website or blog or through FB/Twitter would at least provide daily updates. Australia is the other country which does not have regular updates but has weekend and weekly updates.


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3 hours ago, keysersoze123 said:

Its really bad a market like UK has no source for tracking BO. China is the best while most countries have some source for daily updates.

I agree, UK has a great history of posting $100m gross for a film

toy story 3, avatar, titanic, lotr 3, skyfall, HP,  SW7, all passed $100m mark, how can't they just have regular weekend tracking???

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Studiocanal’s Mindhorn delivers second strongest site average of the week; Universal’s Get Out hits £10m.



Ranking Film/Distributor Weekend gross Running total
1 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (Disney) $7.9m (£6.1m) $35.6m (£27.4m)
2 Fast & Furious 8 (Universal) $1.06m (£815,797) $36.5m (£28.1m)
3 A Dog’s Purpose (eOne) $1.7m (£1.3m) $1.7m (£1.3m)
4 The Boss Baby (Fox) $858,000 (£661,341) $33.3m (£25.64m)
5 Beauty And The Beast (Disney) $532,000 (£410,000) $92.4m (£71.17m)


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 continued to reign over the UK box office for the second straight week.

Disney’s latest Marvel offering fell a respectable 54% from its huge opening to post a $7.9m (£6.1m) second weekend for a strong $35.6m (£27.4m) after only ten days in play.

It will shortly overtake its predecessor’s $37m (£28.5m) UK result, with Vol. 2 currently ranking as the sixth biggest Marvel outing to date.

After surpassing the first one, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’s next targets will be Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3, both of which grossed around $48m (£37m). A lot will depend on how it holds up against Alien: Covenant’s arrival.

Also for Disney, Beauty And The Beast took a further $532,000 (£410,000) and has now waltzed to a staggering $92.4m (£71.17m).

It could still surpass Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’s final UK haul of $94.9m (£73.09m) as the seventh biggest film of all time by the end of its run.


Fast & Furious 8 fell more than 50% with a $1.06m (£815,797) fourth weekend.

Universal’s latest outing has now sped to $36.5m (£28.1m) and will still hope to cross the £30m mark, likely becoming the fourth release of 2017 to do so as Guardians will hit the milestone quicker.

Also for Universal, Get Out has passed the £10m mark in the UK with a $129,000 (£99,633) eighth weekend lifting it to $13m (£10.05m).


Thanks to its previews over the Bank Holiday weekend, A Dog’s Purpose charted third on its UK debut.

eOne’s family offering landed with a non-final $1.7m (£1.3m) from its 502 sites, including $866,000 (£667,169) in previews. Its Fri-Sun take of $820,000 (£631,717) would have seen it chart fourth.

The debut marks director Lasse Hallstrom’s second highest overall UK bow, behind Dear John’s $2.6m (£2m) opening from 402 sites, including $937,000 (£722,000) in previews.

Also for eOne, Sleepless opened with a soft non-final $478,000 (£368,121) from its 399 sites, marking a site average of $1,198 (£923). It could struggle to sustain in a busy market this weekend.

The Promise and Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience stand at $502,000 (£386,655) and $4.3m (£3.35m), respectively.


The Boss Baby fell to fourth due to A Dog’s Purpose’s previews as it fell 49% with a non-final $858,000 (£661,341) fifth weekend.

Fox’s latest DreamWorks Animation outing has now grossed $33.3m (£25.64m) making it the fourth highest grossing original offering from the studio to date in the UK, with The Croods’ $34m (£26.2m) soon to be overtaken.

Also for Fox, Secret Cinema’s production of Moulin Rouge! has reached $4.7m (£3.61m) after 12 weeks of its run.


In its fourth week, Lionsgate’s Their Finest dropped 49% with $422,000 (£325,331) for $4.2m (£3.25m) to date, and will end its run as director Lone Scherfig’s second best UK result.

Also for Lionsgate, Unlocked posted an unspectacular $335,000 (£258,000) bow from its 275 sites, with four still to report.


Mindhorn charted eighth as it made a promising start to its UK run.

Studiocanal’s comedy grossed $364,000 (£280,483) from its 95 sites, including previews, delivering the second strongest site average of the top 15 at $3,831 (£2,952).

Also for Studiocanal, The Sense Of An Ending stands at $1.4m (£1.07m).


Posting the best holdover of the top 15, Altitude’s Lady Macbeth fell only 21% with a non-final $156,000 (£120,299) second weekend from its 113 sites for $592,000 (£456,029) to date.

Also for Altitude, I Am Not Your Negro took $14,000 (£10,596), falling a slim 16%, for $420,000 (£323,702) so far.


After becoming the first foreign language non-Bollywood film to hit £1m since Julieta last week, Curzon Artificial Eye’s The Handmaiden added $73,000 (£56,192) for an excellent $1.47m (£1.14m) to date.


This week sees a saturation release for Fox’s Alien: Covenant, while eOne’s Miss Sloane receives a wide release.

Curzon Artificial Eye’s Frantz, Vertigo Releasing’s Jawbone and Peccadillo Pictures’ The Levelling are among the films receiving a limited release.


Pretty good 2nd weekend for Guardians. It seems to be heading for a total around Iron Man 3/Civl War. I wouldn't say £40m is gone just yet, but £37m or so seems likelier.


Alien pre-sales looks pretty good, especially in IMAX where it looks like it's going to have a strong opening. Wouldn't be surprised at £5-6m.




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4 minutes ago, YourMother said:

@Heretic, will GV2 finish at $50M?

Will be close. $47-48m seems the likeliest, but $50m is definitely still possible depending on holds. Alien will take IMAX screens this week which will probably impact Guardians. 

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