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UK Box Office Thread

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50 minutes ago, keysersoze123 said:

How did the holdovers do? Do we have Top 5/10 for UK Box office?

King Arthur up to £3.7m, so a horrendous week for it too. I expect most films dropped hard. We won't get numbers till tomorrow though as it's a holiday today. 

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RANKING Film/Distributor Weekend Gross Running Total
1 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (Disney) $5.85m $9.39m
2 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (Disney) $1.13m $49.28m
3 Alien Covenant (Fox) $935,000 $14.89m
4 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Fox) $847,000 $2.57m
5 King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (Warner Bros) $763,000 $5.26m




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Been looking at Wonder Woman's sales and it seems to be selling very well, with sellouts or near sellouts. I doubt it'll do anything near BvS or Suicide Squad. Will be interesting what gets number 1 as Baywatch has a seven day opening,

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The UK opened on a non-traditional Thursday to $1.6M (£1.2M) on 1,284 screens. Ranking No. 1, WW came in well-ahead of the 2nd frame Thursday of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. She also exceeded the opening days of Wolverine (+30%), Thor (+17%) and Captain America: The First Avenger (+11%). The latter two have been key comps for the pic.





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10 minutes ago, John Marston said:



that makes it only sound OK for Wonder Woman since none of those movies were that huge in UK


Not huge but all solid.


Also all from 2011 and with more advantageous exchange rates. US $1 = 0.61 v .78



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4 hours ago, Wonder of Rth said:

WW 3 day looking  around 4.8 cume 6


Pirates held be down about 27

That's a little disappointing for WW, it looks like cancelling the UK press tour and premiere had a negative effect on awareness.

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Paramount’s Baywatch lands second with seven-day $5.96m (£4.63m) total.



Ranking Film/Distributor Weekend gross Running total
1 Wonder Woman (WB) $7.9m (£6.18m) $7.9m (£6.18m)
2 Baywatch (Paramount) $5.96m (£4.63m) $5.96m (£4.63m)
3 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (Disney) $3.52m (£2.73m) $16.8m (£13.03m)
4 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Fox) $1.09m (£850,964) $5.1m (£3.93m)
5 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2(Disney) $822,000 (£638,000) $51.1m (£39.64m)

(Note - Dollar conversions are based on today’s rates)


Despite Baywatch’s seven-day opening, Wonder Woman managed to reign over the UK box office on debut.

Warner Bros’ latest DC offering lassoed $7.9m (£6.18m) from its 602 sites, including $1.57m (£1.22m) in previews. It’s worth noting that its Fri-Sun tally of $6.37m (£4.94m) would have also seen it land top.

While it doesn’t come close to debuts of the three DC Extended Universe movies to date, Wonder Woman is a less established character and it would have been affected by the continued good weather and the tragic events in London on Saturday (June 3).

Wonder Woman opened ahead of the majority of Marvel’s Phase One outings, including Thor and Iron Man, and also surpassed Batman Begins’ $5.7m (£4.43m) debut from 514 sites back in 2005.

It will hope that its positive critical reaction and word-of-mouth leads to a sustained UK run.

Also for Warner Bros, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword fell 65% with a $268,000 (£208,000) third weekend for $6m (£4.63m). It will end its run as one of Guy Ritchie’s lowest grossing outings to date in the UK.


After opening on Bank Holiday Monday (May 29), Baywatch had to settle for second as a result of Wonder Woman’s success.

Paramount’s reboot arrived with $5.96m (£4.63m) from its 506 sites, including $3.5m (£2.72m) from Mon-Thurs, marking director Seth Gordon’s biggest ever UK debut. Its Fri-Sun tally of $2.46m (£1.91m) would have seen it chart third.

Baywatch also achieved the biggest overall opening for a US TV reboot of recent years, ahead of The A-Team’s $4.6m (£3.57m) from 451 sites, although that was done without previews.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge fell a slim 4% (excluding previews) as it dropped to third.

Disney’s latest outing for Captain Jack Sparrow sailed to a $3.52m (£2.73m) second weekend and is now up to $16.8m (£13.03m), but will struggle to match the lowest result of the series so far, currently the first film’s $36.3m (£28.17m) result.

Also for Disney, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 will soon become only the fourth superhero film to crack the £40m mark at the UK box office. Marvel’s latest added $822,000 (£638,000) for an excellent $51.1m (£39.64m) so far.

Beauty And The Beast has now waltzed to a magnificent $92.9m (£72.14m).


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul boosted 29% (excluding previews) on its way to a non-final $1.09m (£850,964) second weekend.

Fox’s latest family offering is now up to $5.1m (£3.93m), overtaking the first film’s $4m (£3.08m) result. Next in its sights is the sequel Rodrick Rules’ $7.3m (£5.7m) UK haul.

Also for Fox, Alien: Covenant fell 55% with $422,000 (£327,309) for $15.9m (£12.32m) after four weeks in play, while The Boss Baby rose 46% with a $377,000 (£293,026) ninth weekend for $36m (£27.92m) to date.

Secret Cinema’s production of Moulin Rouge! stands at $5.5m (£4.25m) with one week left in its run and Snatched has taken $2.52m (£1.96m) after three weeks.


Falling only 8% (excluding previews) in its second weekend, Studiocanal’s The Red Turtle swum to an extra $76,000 (£58,725) for $353,000 (£274,188) to date.

In terms of other Studio Ghibli productions, it’s currently tracking 16% ahead of When Marnie Was There, 11% ahead of Arrietty and 9% ahead of The Tale Of Princess Kaguya.


From its 19 sites through Vertigo Releasing, Dough posted a decent UK bow of $66,000 (£51,542), marking a site average of $3,494 (£2,713).


My Life As A Courgette opened with a non-final $64,000 (£50,022), including previews, from its 50 sites through Thunderbird Releasing.


In its second weekend, Curzon Artificial Eye’s The Other Side Of Hope grossed $55,000 (£42,559) for $236,000 (£183,379) so far.


Including $11,000 (£8,275) in previews, Arrow Films’ After The Storm recorded a UK debut of $28,000 (£21,955) from its 21 sites, with one site still to report.


This week sees saturation releases for Universal’s The Mummy, Fox’s My Cousin Rachel and Sony’s Norman.

Curzon Artificial Eye’s Berlin Syndrome and eOne’s The Shack both receive wide releases, while Fox’s Wilson and Lionsgate’s My Name Is Lenny are among the films receiving a limited release.


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Solid for Wonder Woman, I think it'll have better legs compared to MOS, BvS and SS. It's only big competition is The Mummy  which I'm unsure how it'll do. 


Baywatch and Pirates did well too. 

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Top Playdates 4-Jun
all WW
1-Imax southbank
2-Vue Westfield, London
3-Vue Stratford
4-CW Sheffield
5-CW Dublin
6-CW Glasgow renf
7-Odeon Leicester Square
(combined with Empire #1)
8-CW Wandsworth
9-CW The O2
10-CW Crawley
11-CW Leicester Square
12-CW Liverpool One

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3 minutes ago, The Dark Alfred said:

WW is putting up extremely good numbers so far. Wed it did £0.65m, cume £8.4 already.


I think it'll have a good drop this weekend although it'll be a tight race for number 1 between it and The Mummy.

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