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UK Box Office Thread

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5 hours ago, SnokesLegs said:

That’s a shame, it’s a fantastic, funny, moving and uplifting film. Hopefully more people find it.

I’m actually quite surprised. The trailer has been attached to every film here for what feels like months. 

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Dont think Jojo rabbit is doing particularly badly, more that other films are doing better. out of top 5 does not mean poor performance when it's christmas season. we shall see next week.

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Jumanji has had a fantastic holiday period, almost at $40m.


Also, Little Women is doing very well and could leg its way to $20m.


Frozen 2 will probably hit $70m, and TROS will probably hit $80m. 

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Simply incredible that Frozen jumped that much in UK. Currency value is down 20%.


I actually lived in England when Frozen came out, went back to America as my wife's contract got canceled. Moved back to UK in 2016 till mid 2019. Her last contract offer was 30k less per year with annual cancellation threat.

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1. Star Wars £4.4m £51.3m

2. Jumanji £3.1m £28.4m

3. Little Women £2.6m £9.1m

4. The Gentlemen £2.18m £3m

5. Andre Rieu £1.70m
6. Frozen 2 £1.60m £50.1m

7. Jojo Rabbit £1.5m £2.4m
8. Spies in Disguise £1.1m £4.3m

9. Cats £1.0m £10.16m
10. Playing with Fire £540k £2.08m

source: Screen Daily. 

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