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BOX OFFICE SURVIVOR: A Brand New Season - explanation of the game is on page one - All Players Found

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1 hour ago, Avatree said:

you do this every year and i still have no idea what it's about.

"participate in an original story" so the movies you're predicting are made up? Like in CAYOM?


Players predict the weekend box office grosses of real films that are in theaters.


The original story is a fun addition to the main game of box office prediction, where I parody the Survivor television series by telling a story of how the players' characters do in the challenges.


So let's say Rorschach, baumer, and ZeeSoh are contestants in the game. The new movie that is debuting in the weekend is The Lion King, so I write a script-style story that shows the players participating in a challenge based around that movie--let's say they try to put on a broadway-style show. The week's story, posted with the results after the weekend actuals have been announced, will go something like this:


SLAM!: Today, you will be performing on broadway! The team who puts on the worst performance will have to go to tribal council and vote out one of their teammates!

Rorschach: Well, this shouldn't be too hard.

baumer: Hopefully it goes better than it the last time there was a stageplay challenge in Box Office Survivor.

ZeeSoh: My team will perform Dear Evan Hansen! I call playing the role of Evan Hansen!


So, in short, the "original story" part is a take it or leave it addition to the main box office prediction game that will be implemented in this game for fun. To give you an idea of how the "original story" has been implemented in the past, I'll provide a link to the opening of the past season:



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Wait :stop:  Someone came to rescue me and my Boo :huglove:  @Sheikh  from the island? Ummmm…… :thinking:  I'm not sure I'm OK with this? :sadno:


  I guess... I have to leave, :yoda:  because it seems he's opted in, for your new adventure. 🏝️


It was sweet while it lasted. Thanx Boo :cheekkiss: I'm sure we'll be running into each other :hellothere: on this new island 🏝️ cause, I'm in as well. :rock: 

( @Sheikh Thanx for playing along. :cheekkiss:  I thought it was  entertaining :bop:)




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14 hours ago, YourMother the Edgelord said:

I want to return to recreate the greatest SURVIVOR ship: YourDAJK

Bitch please, did u not see me and hottie down there last season. Sparks everywhere, fuck it was so strong even my ghost was involved

18 hours ago, chasmmi said:



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6 hours ago, YourMother the Edgelord said:

Don’t be pressed because our love is superior than yours.

Oh please, you and @DAJK were always doubting and keeping secrets from each other about some society or some shit last season. No trust no love. 

My dude was willing to kiss even ghost me. Beat that!



But this time around there is an even bigger problem. There was one who was cursed last season and his curse took down many ppl including me. Numbers remembers. This time around he is conducting the game!  Looking at you @SLAM!


I’m gonna miss @WrathOfHan and @Claire of Themyscira and her sassiness. They were both hell of a player too. 

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@captainwondyful @ZeeSoh @Wrath @baumer @Thanos Legion @Rorschach @chasmmi @DAJK @Sheikh @YourMother the Edgelord @Fancyarcher @Keanu @PanaMovie @Reddroast @Premium George @MrGamer @Avatree @Kjtc @Darth Lehnsherr @MeowwoeM 


Thank you all for joining this game!


First things first, I would like to ask all of you to send me, via Private Message, three traits that you would like your character to have. I will base your story characters around those traits! I will say that, yes, I want you to send me traits whether you're a newcomer or a veteran.


Secondly, I will say that this will be a weekly game with many moving parts; I will post a discussion and rules thread for the game, and the start of the story will follow soon after. I want to start the game by posting Episode One of the story either on Sunday or Monday, depending on how soon everyone sends me their three traits.


I'll be tagging everyone for the new story episodes (aka announcement of results) and the tribal councils (aka eliminations) each week, so if you're on the site each week, you don't have worry about missing the posts for the game!


This is the forum where all of the Survivor posts will be. It's in the games section on the front page of the forums, but I've posted a link here:




The game will make more sense as it goes along, but if there is any confusion, I'm here to answer any questions you may have.


Again, thank you all for joining the game! And special thanks to @Mr Pastaffelees! I'm really happy that I get to host it! This is going to be a fun game of Survivor!

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One more thing about the three character traits:


The reason why I'm recommending that players send me character traits for the story is because I want the characters to be distinct from one another. I definitely want everyone to send me three traits, and I'll make room in my Private Messages to make sure that I have the space for everyone. In the case a few players here and there forget to send the traits to me, I'll base their story character loosely off of the vibes I get from the nickname and avatar photo. But do try to send me the three traits if you can!

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3 minutes ago, Claire of Themyscira said:

Oh, I thought the deadline was tomorrow. Oops.


Fuck y'all.


On 8/4/2019 at 9:43 AM, SLAM! said:

Registration closes on August 11th 3 PM EST or until all 20 slots have been claimed.


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