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Sur(VI)vor Season Six: General Discussion Thread

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21 contestants. One Manhattan skyscraper. One grand prize. 

Players must outwit and outlast each other to win competitions and avoid elimination. Be friends or back-stab, play dumb or play fast, whatever you think will make you win!


Through this game, players will participate in a variety of challenge that call your box office skills, film trivia, and wits. These challenges are framed through an original story involving your characters, as you build - or destroy - relationships and alliances with other players. The story will be based on your posts and discussions in the threads, along with the personality indicated at the start of the game, so the more you play into your personality, the more fun things will be!



There will be THREE teams! In terms of how this makes elimination work, look below!


The two teams with the highest prediction average at the end of each weekend will earn immunity. The lowest team must then go to the tribal council, where players vote off a contestant on their team. The highest predictor on the losing team is immune, however. Additionally, there will often be a second immunity prediction challenge to secure immunity for another player on the team. Whoever gets the most votes is eliminated from survivor, if they did not win second immunity. In the event of a tie, whoever had the lowest weekend predictions will be eliminated.


Failing to predict in two weekend challenges will result in automatic elimination.


There will be several twists and turns throughout the season, though, so be prepared!



Also, we are bringing back a beloved game feature: THE TUCK SHOP. Here, players can spend points earned by performing awesome feats, including:

  • Being on the winning team (this is an added bonus for first place, beyond immunity.)
  • Being the highest predictor for the week, either overall or for your team
  • Winning second immunity and getting saved from elimination
  • and more!


Coins can be spent in the following ways, for example. Do beware, prices vary by week:

  • DOUBLE HAMBURGER: Doubles your vote in the tribal council
  • ICE CREAM CONE: Gives you a small percentage boost in a weekend tournament
  • ROTTEN APPLE: Gives someone in the opposite team a disadvantage.
  • IMMUNITY NECKLACE: Gives someone, potentially you, immunity for the week.
  • SPOILER: Nullifies another player's power. Limited supply, one purchase per player. An item which can be wasted by misuse.


Note that you need not necessarily buy these items with coins. You can win these items through bonus challenges and other twists and turns! Do keep in mind, once four contestants are left, the shop closes, and all items expire.


Get ready for an exciting season!!!

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13 minutes ago, Thanos Legion said:

I’m pretty new to survivor generally. I assume that if a team gets down to one member, and that team is then the lowest scoring for a week, that individual is automatically eliminated? What happens when 2 teams are completely gone?


At one point in the season, to prevent any such steamroll, the teams will be disbanded, effectively merging all of the players together into one 'tribe'. In the event that, before that merge, one team loses again and again and again, there will be a twist that funnels surviving team members from the dwindling team into the other teams.

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