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Good Boys (2019)

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An often hilarious comedy in the Superbad vein that's also very sweet despite the vulgarity on display. Most of the biggest laughs come from the naïve nature of the protagonists, but it also has accurate observations about childhood friendships and how the world seems different when viewed through the eyes of adolescence. Great performances from its main trio: Jacob Tremblay adds another very solid performance while Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon are revelations, and I completely bought the friendship between these three. This would make for a very fitting double feature with Booksmart (both movies even feature Molly Gordon in a supporting role), 2019's other highly enjoyable update on Superbad that also stands among the better comedies in recent years. B+

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I thought the character arcs as friendships change and evolve was the best, if not the only, surprise not found in the trailers. The comedy was great, though I saw most of it in trailers, so how the pieces fit together was refreshing. While the young actors did great work, the screenplay that shows us how little they know while thinking they know so much gave an added level of pleasure. This was so much like many of us at that age. 


This comedy only suffers from having most of its moments spoiled from trailers, and I should have avoided them knowing from the teaser and the cast, that I would see this opening weekend. A lesson we all need to learn me thinks. 



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I probably would have enjoyed this a lot more if I hadn’t run into the trailer/tv spots so often. Instead of laughing out loud, I was mostly just mildly amused. However, the ending was a touching surprise and gets a lot of points from me for how heartfelt it was. They learned a lesson which was very hard for me accept when I was a little older than them, that you don’t always stay close to the friends you grow up with. Also the musical theatre lover in me greatly appreciated the kids version of Rock of Ages and Thor snorting a pixie stick. Lucas was the MVP. B-

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Funny in parts but overall a disappointment, in the same way that Book Smart was.  The humour gets old and familiar really fast.



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