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I mean I guess there’s a good creative reason in there, but my “why” is just that I think a Ms Marvel movie would have great box office potential and they’re kind of wasting it. It would be like doing Snow White or Little Mermaid as a Disney+ exclusive

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4 minutes ago, stephanos13 said:

Ms Marvel is a billie idea? Really? 😑

She is the best damn idea that the comic book devision has had in 20 years. 

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Devision. Not decision.
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38 minutes ago, Cappoedameron said:

Hmm Kit in the MCU? Wolverine perhaps?

Good way to ensure that Wolverine doesn't overshadow everyone else and the X movies become Wolverine and Friends again.

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13 minutes ago, Ithil said:

MCU fans seem to look down greatly on TV shows for some reason.

Well, given the storytelling separation that kinda occurred during the Netflix/ABC era, with a couple of notable exceptions, it's not that surprising.  As an outsider looking in, I've always seen a division between MCU and Marvel TV projects.  


On the other hand, SW seems to be going for a more holistic approach, given its unified storytelling.  Of course, with there being something like 25 Marvel projects every year versus the more limited SW fare when it comes to broadcast media, perhaps this division isn't as surprising as it might be when one thinks about it. :ph34r:




Okay, I kid on that last part, but only a little.  There's been, what, close to a dozen TV series out there spread between various avenues and a shit-ton in the pipeline.  Compare that to SW where there's been five movies and two animated shows with three TV series in the pipeline along with a one shot continuation of TCW. 


Just apples and oranges when it comes to a sheer amount of content.  And even projects like Resistance have gotten shortened purchase among many fans.


We'll see what happens though with the Marvel TV series as they all get put under the D+ banner.  Maybe more attention will be showered on them as well as more importance among the more casual MCU fans.

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It really seems like Disney's ultimate intention is to blend the line between their D+ shows and their theatrical releases, making it much more a shared universe than the Netflix shows or even Agents of Shield. So I imagine movie characters in D+ shows and vice versa will be a seamless, common occurrence if Disney's vision works out.

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1 minute ago, cannastop said:

Is Disney going to put Disney XD stuff on their Disney+ service?


Is there a complete list of their catalog?

They just announced a Phineas and Ferb movie for Disney+ and DuckTales is featured on the D+ banner above, so...

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3 minutes ago, cannastop said:

Is Disney going to put Disney XD stuff on their Disney+ service?


Is there a complete list of their catalog?



Obviously more will be added, but not sure if that will entail D+ originals or some of the catalog of Disney owned properties from the past or a combination.

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