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1 minute ago, captainwondyful said:

It was a moment of weakness.  

But why? She is a secondary character so it was obvious she would be appearing in other SH movies and team ups. So this is actually a better deal for her to have a solo show with family stuff and then do big action as a part of a team or Carol's sidekick. And isn't she Miles Morales girlfriend or they just ship them? 

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2 hours ago, Cappoedameron said:

Her comic sure as hell wasn't. Not even close, in fact it's sales numbers were abysmally low. Not America Chavez levels but yeah...


The creator of America Chavez actually came to my university to do some events on campus. I got to meet her. It was pretty cool!

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Moon Knight was one of my faves back in the day.


Was a little worried that he'd be too dark for Disney+. I thought he might get sent to Hulu or something like that instead.

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2 minutes ago, kitik said:

So are we really going to assume that all of these Marvel shows (the new ones, Ms Marvel/Moon Knight/She Hulk) won't show up until 2022? That's a damn long ways away!

They were included under “Phase 4,” so I assume we’ll see more movies in 2022

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