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Weekend Thread: Estimates - Angel Has Fallen $21.25M | Good Boys $11.75M | Overcomer $8.20M | The Lion King $8.15M | H&S $8.14M - & $101.8M in China

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1 hour ago, narniadis said:

Thanks Charlie! Looks like most will be close but down if these hold. 

Looks like only Ready or Not (yay) and Dora increased.


Everything else in the top 10 went down from estimates. 

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2 hours ago, Kjtc said:

I’m not even a fan

me neither as

1. I am faceblind and can not recognose the picture

2. I guess I wont know her music (I guess its about music, see 'album') anyway, as I do not know probably 99.99% of the actual music, nor the most of the actual musicians. actual like out of the last 10 years or longer.


I guess I can say I am neutral to the theme:

it sounds like the person you answer too seems a bit biased at best. The sum of the posts is too often strangly worded and more. Much more.....

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1 hour ago, CJohn said:

@MCKillswitch123 mad weekend at the box office here with a few hot takes:




- 6 movies above 20.000 tickets sold, that is the power of August;

- Biggest OW for a Portuguese movie since Pátio das Cantigas, and it missed a ton of theaters. Fantastic start for Variações which is fast turning into a word of mouth sensation/must see event everyone is talking about. It was also 2nd on Thursday but it jumped ahead over the weekend. I think it opened above the Amália movie which is just insane, the real music God has arrived;

 - Angel Has Fallen also massive, biggest OW of the franchise here slightly beating London Has Fallen's start;

- Lion King is so so close to Avatar now, it should pass it by September 4;

- Good Boys truly shows there is no point on even releasing movies commercially if Cinemas NOS isn't involved, what an absolute disaster, an embarassement of an OW. The lowest I can remember from the big 6 studios. I have really no words to describe how bad it is. Ready Or Not did 3 times more. Kneel before the Portuguese media king, Universal, accept defeat (either that or just leave, but this is not sustainable).

Variações is a true pop culture phenomenon unlike any other Portuguese film since I remember (maybe the Amália one, but that's it). It's the talk of the town way more than the shitty Leonel Vieira remakes of the old classics like Pátio das Cantigas and Leão da Estrela. Sérgio Praia, the guy playing António Variações, is locked for the Golden Globe, for absolute sure.


LMAO at Angel Has Fallen blowing expectations out of the water everywhere. I guess it has mad helped by the fact that it had zero competition, because I would've never guessed it would increase from London.




LMAO Universal, just surrender and bow before the Gawd themselves. NOS has always been my shit. Even though I have Meo in my household as it's cheaper, NOS (or TVCabo/ZON, before) has always been more reliable + their theater chain is amazing.

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3 hours ago, The Horror of Lucas Films said:


As expected, a bunch of bullshit. I'm not sure if you know how to read a text, but Billboard is expecting 700k from her first week, not 550k. While HDD has it between 725k-825k which would put is as the second biggest album of year on the OW alone.




I know that you're a desperate Madonna stan who can't stand the fact that Taylor has managed to show more longevity than this woman despite relying on talent instead of image, but you don't need to go that low trying to paint an OW of 800k+ when everyone is struggling to sell it on total as a bad thing, especially when it's a seventh album. The only one on Taylor's level these days is Adele.


And we can praise one woman without unfairly dragging another.  Madonna is the most consistently successful female pop artist of all time.  Most records sold, biggest touring artist, and first ballot Hall of Famer.  Trying to make the case that Madonna doesn’t have talent or, of all things, longevity, is absurd.  Taylor Swift will be quite happy if she lasts half as long as Madonna, and she’d be the first one to say so, I’m sure.


Not that this has much relevance to the weekend thread, so I’ll tie it in by saying none of the week’s releases are likely to leave an impact on pop culture like Madonna or Taylor Swift, but Ready or Not sure was a great moviegoing experience!

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13 hours ago, La Binoche said:

No hits on the album. No one cares outside of her core devoted fanbase. Pretty soon she'll be to old for whatever it is she's doing in that gif, and with no talent to fall back on she'll be over. 


You might not like her - hell I don't care for that type of music but I think most music nowadays is pure shit but you cannot say she has no talent to fall back on - the girl writes her own songs for cripes sake & obviously a huge fan base likes the songs she writes.  And is this like when everyone said nobody was going to her concerts & she wound up with the highest grossing tour that year?

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Madonna:  Legendary.  Hit after hit after hit.  Tours that sold out in seconds.  

Taylor:  Probably the biggest star of this generation.  Tours that sell out instantly.  Will she have the staying power of Madonna?  Who knows.....but as someone else mentioned, you don't have to drag one name through the mud to praise another.  

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