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SUR(VI)VOR Ep. 7: ADd And SubTRAct

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SLAM!: Guess what the challenge is!

chasmmi: What is the challenge?

SLAM!: Guess what the challenge is!
chasmmi: What is the challenge?!

SLAM!: Guess what the challenge is!

SLAM!: It's a Math Test!

elcaballero: ...Math?!

JJ-8: Oh geez. Nobody told me I'd have to do math.


*All of the contestants sit at desks inside of a classroom. SLAM! gets ready to pass out the exams.

SLAM!: Feel free to talk amongst yourselves during the test! But no cheating, everyone!

*SLAM! hands out the exams.*

SLAM!: It's time to begin!


*The Howling Amazons sit together.*

captainwondyful: Geez... I don't know any of this...

PanaMovie: Don't play games. If you're smart enough to pop Claire's balloon with a tack and get away with only one enemy, you're smart enough to pass a math test.

captainwondyful: But I didn't pop her balloon...

PanaMovie: Sure you didn't. Just do the best you can. Alright?

captainwondyful: Okay... Time to figure out the diameter of this cone...

Sheikh: I'm happy it's a math test. Math's my strong suit.

PanaMovie: (cocks an eyebrow) Everything's your strong suit, Sheikh.

(ZeeSoh whispers into PanaMovie's ear.)

ZeeSoh: You have a good read on the other players.

PanaMovie: Yeah. Thanks, man.

ZeeSoh: ...Do you have a good read of me?

PanaMovie: (He begins to whisper, too.) ...I do, ZeeSoh. But let me tell you this. I really don't care what you do. Keep me safe and I'll stay out of your way. You can do whatever you want with your targets.

(ZeeSoh pats PanaMovie on the back.)

ZeeSoh: Good to know. I won't target you.


CONFESSIONAL - ZeeSoh: Unless I have to, of course.


*The Birds of Prey sit together.*

elcaballero: Oh dear...

Wrath: Stumped already, Silver Spoon?

elcaballero: Firstly, do not call me that. Secondly, an aristocrat has no need for math.

Spaghetti: Good thing I brought my TI-84 calculator! (Does the mathematics with VIGOR.)

Wrath: Well, how about you, Claire?

Claire of Themyscira: Never better. If Ke$ha got an SAT score above 1500, then divas really can be smart.

Wrath: Well, alrighty then.


*The Rockin' Robots sit together.*

YourMother the Edgelord: Oh no!

DAJK: What's wrong, babe?

YourMother the Edgelord: I was eating spicy cheetos and forgot to wash my hands! My scantron has a bunch of red stains on it now!

DAJK: Oh... That's not good...


(Rorschach rests his head on is fist.)

DAJK: Are you doing alright?

Rorschach: I'm having trouble. Calculus was never my strong suit.

DAJK: Oh...



*The Black Order sits together.*

Fancyarcher: Hey, Keanu? Can you help me really quick?

Keanu: Sure! What do you need?

(Thanos Legion casts his shadow over them.)

Thanos Legion: Keanu. You know better than to help the weak.

Keanu: You want us to go to Tribal Council? I don't think so. Sit down.

(Thanos Legion lifts his head up.)

Thanos Legion: I like you very much, Keanu.

(Thanos Legion walks back to his desk.)

Fancyarcher: ...Wow! You just told him off!

Keanu: Just because I like cats doesn't mean I'm afraid to say it like it is. Now here's the difference between sine and cosine...

chasmmi: From my experience, Thanos Legion, I'd say you're a little too obsessed with strength and weakness.

(chasmmi and Thanos Legion stare at each other.)


SLAM!: Time's up! Turn in your tests!

*Everyone turns in their test.*

SLAM!: Let's see how everyone did!




Sheikh - 86.36%

ZeeSoh - 84.99%

captainwondyful - 82.23%

PanaMovie - 71.35%

Team Average - 81.24%




Spaghetti - 88.31%

Wrath - 85.05%

Claire of Themyscira - 81.68%

elcaballero - 67.34%

Team Average - 80.60%




DAJK - 85.14%

Rorschach - 77.05%

JJ-8 - 75.68%

YourMother the Edgelord - 74.49%

Team Average - 78.09%




Thanos Legion - 82.76%

chasmmi - 82.45%

Keanu - 81.80%

Fancyarcher - 71.14%

Team Average - 79.54%


SLAM!: It's official! The Howling Amazons win the challenge!

captainwondyful: Woohoo!

Sheikh: Yeah... This'll be a good team after all...

SLAM!: And it's the Rockin' Robots that are going to Tribal Council!

DAJK: ...Well, on the bright side, only one of us is immune.

YourMother the Edgelord: I'm really scared! Promise you'll protect me, DAJK!

DAJK: I promise, babe...

(Rorschach side-eyes DAJK.)


SLAM!: All the information you need for the upcoming Tribal Council and Weekend Challenge is in the spoiler box!




The highest scoring member of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins.

In the case that a player who did not send in predictions is on the winning team, that player will not receive tuck shop coins.


Current Balance

13: ZeeSoh

11: Sheikh, Spaghetti, Thanos Legion

10: Claire of Themyscira, DAJK, ZeeSoh

8: chasmmi, YourMother the Edgelord

7: Fancyarcher, Rorschach

6: captainwondyful, Keanu, PanaMovie

5: DAJK, elcaballero, JJ-8, Wrath


CANDY APPLE - 3 Coins (Gives the average of your predictions a boost of 2%.)

RECYCLE PAD - 5 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council.)

ROTTEN APPLE - 5 Coins (Reduces 2% from the score of another player--yes, this can be used for either second immunity or weekend challenges)

COPY MACHINE - 8 Coins (Allows you to take the score of ANY player in the game for a weekend challenge.)


PM me if you want an item by Thursday, September 26th at 11:59PM PST! Also, remember that you do not need to use it this week! Simply indicate in any challenge when you will be using it!



Sorry Robots, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a PM with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



Ad Astra

Downton Abbey

Rambo: Last Blood
The Goldfinch

Angel Has Fallen


Votes are due by Wednesday at 5PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due by Tuesday, September 24th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions.)


Good luck to all of the Team Asgard players!





Ad Astra

Downton Abbey

Rambo: Last Blood

The Goldfinch


It: Chapter 2
Brittany Runs a Marathon


Predictions are due by Thursday, September 26th at 11:59 PM PST.


(There will not be a Flash Fight this week.)


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@DAJK @JJ-8 @Rorschach @YourMother the Edgelord


SLAM!: Welcome to the first Tribal Council since the split into four teams of four! Tonight, the Rockin' Robots will be voting off one of their own teammates.


*Voting commences.*

DAJK: Play the game aggressively and subtly. Yeah, ZeeSoh. I think I see what you mean. (votes)

JJ-8: I don't wanna vote somebody out again! Ughghghghghghgh... (votes)

Rorschach: We're gonna go one by one if we don't make the right decision now... (votes)




SLAM!: Huh? I'm missing one vote.

YourMother the Edgelord: Oh, man... I forgot to vote. Again.

SLAM!: That's the second time in a row you've forgotten to vote...

DAJK: Don't worry, YourMother! I'm sure you'll be okay!

YourMother the Edgelord: Yeah... I'm sure I'll be okay...

*They cling to each others' hand in suspense.*


SLAM!: Firstly, let's reveal who won the Second Immunity Challenge!


JJ-8 wins with a score of 91.28%!


JJ-8: That's what I'm talking about! Woohoo!


SLAM!: Let's reveal the votes. First vote:


JJ-8 Does Not Count


SLAM!: The second vote:


JJ-8 Does Not Count


SLAM!: Fifth person voted off of Survivor: Season Six, according to the last vote...


YourMother the Edgelord


SLAM!: You need to bring me your torch.

*YourMother stares down in sadness.*

DAJK: It's okay, YourMother... You had a good run... We'll be together again soon enough.

*YourMother trudges towards SLAM! with his torch.*

SLAM!: YourMother. The tribe has spoken.

*SLAM! snuffs out YourMother's torch.*

SLAM!: Time for you to go.

*YourMother turns to the Rockin' Robots.*

YourMother the Edgelord: You know, I think I had a good run. Good luck to you all! Especially you, DAJK!

DAJK: Bye, babe!

*YourMother exits.*


CONFESSIONAL - YourMother the Edgelord: You know, I think Thanos Legion's words about being weak... I think it actually got to me by the end of my run. If there's one thing I must tell you viewers, it's this: don't let the words of the bullies get to you. You may not reach the heights you want to reach if you're constantly letting others' words get to you.


SLAM!: Another contestant has been eliminated! What other crazy challenges are in store for the future? Find out on the next episode of Survivor!


(Oh, and JJ-8 earns two tuck shop coins for thwarting his own elimination.)


Post-Council Story Content


*DAJK roasts a marshmallow alone at the campfire. He chuckles to himself.*

DAJK: My, my, my... That went exactly as planned.


*Flashback to the moments before the Tribal Council. DAJK pulls Rorschach.*

DAJK: Hey, man. Thanks for sticking with us.

Rorschach: Not that I have a choice in the matter...

DAJK: You know who we're voting for, right?

Rorschach: Of course I do.

DAJK: Great! See you at the council.

Rorschach: Oh... And I should apologize for how our... thing... last season... almost got in the way between you and YourMother. You and him are soulmates. I shouldn't have intruded.

DAJK: That's alright. All is forgiven.


*Rorshach exits. DAJK waits for a moment before pulling JJ-8 aside.*

DAJK: Hey, man. You know how you're the only Team Wakanda member on my team?

JJ-8: Why, of course! Thou take me for a fool?

DAJK: Well, dynamics have certainly changed quite a bit. But let me tell you this. If you vote a certain way, you'll guarantee yourself an ally in me.

JJ-8: Really? Tell me about it.

*DAJK whispers in JJ-8's ear.*

JJ-8: What?! But you two are so close!!

DAJK: Buddy. The game is the game is the game. You do this, and we're allies for good. Alright?

JJ-8: Okay... If you insist...


*DAJK finds YourMother sitting alone. DAJK goes and sits with him.*

YourMother the Edgelord: I'll be honest, DAJK. I'm a little worried about how things might turn out.

DAJK: Don't be. I've got your back.

YourMother the Edgelord: Thanks, babe. I was right to trust you.

*They rest theirs heads on each others' shoulders.*


*Cut back to the campfire as DAJK is barely able to contain is evil laughter. He giddily blows out the marshmallow's flame.*







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On 9/23/2019 at 10:47 PM, Thanos Legion said:

Wishing luck to YourMother in the second immunity challenge but not JJ or Rorschach :ohmyzod:

It was a jinx all along :o 


Dramatic result this week, pretty strong score from JJ on a day when most movies had a surprisingly weak bump.

Edited by Thanos Legion
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22 minutes ago, JJ-8 said:



gee I wonder who voted for who................

It’s obvious.     


You voted for a random player, because you’re a principled competitor willing to  engage in an elimation process that’s random, dispassionate, fair to rich and poor alike. It happened to be yourself.    


DAJK voted for a random player, because they’re a principled competitor willing to  engage in an elimation process that’s random, dispassionate, fair to rich and poor alike. It happened to be YourMother.     


Rorschach voted for you, because you killed their father and must prepare to die.     


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