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Spider-Man: No Way Home | December 17 2021 | JAMIE FOXX IS ELECTRO

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Still think Kraven will be the main villain. This isn't the first time Mando has tweeted that emoji. Also I can't think of a scenario when a unconfirmed returning MCU actor tweets like this but what do I know. If Tom has had a pitch meeting with Sony and Marvel already I can imagine everyone else that's involved has gotten a heads' up also. Filming starts in less than 4 months. 

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Will there be a third Spider-Man movie? And will you, as Spider-Man, appear in other Marvel movies?

Yes is the answer to that question. I’m super happy about it. We will be shooting “Spider-Man 3” in July in Atlanta.

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Just now, JGAR4LIFE said:

I have a feeling this will come out in 2022 and Venom 2 will take its place

Venom 2 will definitely be the better movie if nothing else

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19 hours ago, TMP said:


Given Godzilla 2014 is a superb looking film and Avengers 1 was always given that "TV show" criticism that resume should sum up that the cinematographer can only do so much with the wrong director vision.

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Not just in relation to this film, but in general I think this board's community should accept that the film industry is going on hiatus for a while. In thread after thread I'm seeing the same sort of sentiment, that things will get back to normal soon or that delays will be minimal. Trying to be realistic, I don't think this movie is filmed in 2020. I see most projects slipping a year, if they avoid being cancelled (this film will obviously not suffer that fate, though).


There will be a mountain of logistical issues to overcome. Films are made using a diverse set of individuals, coming from all over the globe. Conditions are not going to allow that business model to resume in the near future. Maybe we'll see more films along the lines of 300, filmed with a small cast in front of a green screen. More traditional forms of film making will have to wait.

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42 minutes ago, Eric Atreides said:

I think Uncharted was all set to film before the Roni shit happened, so 2022 for Spider-Man is a certainty. October 2022 has a Marvel movie there, albeit from Disney, so I guess it'll go there?

Sony really seems to like July for Spidey, Occam’s razor is just July 2022.   

CM2 is dated there right now but that’s very tentative. They shifted all the non-Avengers movies by a slot when dating Homecoming, and then did it again daring AM2.  


Nov 2020 BW 

Feb 2021 Eternals

May/April 2021 Shang Chi

Nov 2021 DS2

Feb 2022 Thor4

April/May 2022 BP2

July 2022 Spider-man 3

Oct 2022 Blade or CM2  



May/April 2021 BW 

Nov 2021 Eternals

Feb 2022 Shang-Chi

April/May 2022 DS2 

July 2022 SM3

Oct 2022 Thor 4

Feb 2023 AM3

April/May 2023 BP2

July 2023 CM2

Fall 2023 Blade     

btw that latter scenario is just the original Phase 4 plan shifted by a year for each movie 😛 

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