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Eric Madrigal

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4 minutes ago, Momori said:

I would kill for a Raimi Spider-Man 4 but he most likely meant Holland. 


Anyways, I don't think a solo SM movie is any of those. Wouldn't 2023 be too early? Especially since Tom Holland and crew is apparently taking a break? I do tho see Venom 3 being one of those dates. 

I have concerns that a June 2023 Spidey  solo movie gives me quality concerns just because that seems awfully rushed.

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56 minutes ago, Momori said:

Wouldn't 2023 be too early?


Maybe, but they've done them every 2 years so far so I just expect Sony to keep that trend going. 

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3 hours ago, dudalb said:

I fi this does better then 125 Million, I would be amazed, and I would not bet on it reaching 125 Million.

And a lot depends on what we dont know, like the Covid numbers. If they go up again with the cold weather, all bets could be off.

It will be the holiday seasons biggest film I think, but I think some of the porjections being made here are sheer fanboy fantasy.

Woah nelly sir, going to the opposite end of the spectrum here. 

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I wonder if we get a double dosis of Venom in 2023 with Spider-Man 4 and Venom 3 or maybe one of them is actually a spinoff movie.

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6 hours ago, john2000 said:

i mean why would be a raimi spidey  movie ?

There was a rumor earlier this year that Sony was open to that possibility...and since the Multiverse seems to be opening up on a grand scale...  I expect one of the choice quotes in Empire/a new slate of interviews next week will be "Anything's possible!"  


Weren't Sony developing a Spider-Woman movie, too? (Amongst probably other things...)  My bet is that is the June '23 date.  It's beyond obvious that Venom 3 is currently set in that October date.  The question is...will V3 be about what fans think it will be about?  And if so...well, the above tells us that the possibilities are open as to *who* they use...


And not only do they now have the Multiverse... they haven't even adapted the Clone Saga, yet (or Miles Morales in live action...or Spider-Man 2099 coming back to the past?  So many possibilities...).  Both could easily be utilized for a sub-in of a different actor should the main Spidey want to "take a break"... and it makes one wonder if Holland simply could not shut himself up yet again in voicing a similar thought recently...

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