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Eric the Lion

Spider-Man: No Way Home | December 17, 2021 | The More Fun Stuff Version (yes, that's what it's called) comes to theaters September 2nd!

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13 hours ago, Arendelle Legion said:

Franchise history for MCU Spider-man (all ranks contemporaneous peak):



SMH 117M, 29th

FFH 136M*, 28th, +.63% monthly


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SMH 334M, 49th

FFH 391M, 38th, +.65% monthly



SMH 546M, 54th

FFH 741M, 27th, +1.28% monthly



SMH 880M, 49th

FFH 1.132B, 23rd, +1.05% monthly


This is the only sequel coming up where Endgame doesn’t fall between, and I don’t necessarily expect it to perform that much better OS or WW. Maybe 25th/20th or so, thanks to FFH’s cliffhanger. Domestically I feel there’s a bit more room for improvement, perhaps to 25th/30th or so. By July 2021 that 25/30/25/20 should translate to about 155/425/810/1235, which is monthly growth of reasonable .55%/.36%/.37%/.36%

Final verdict: Mild downgrade

155 OW

425 DOM

810 OS

1235 WW   

I hope they turn in a remarkable movie and beat these numbers to keep the threequel trend alive.



DOM: 170/440 (cliffhanger effect)

OS: 900

WW: 1.34b

Though I hope it can beat Ultron and avenge my FFH club.

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21 hours ago, raulbalarezo said:


The actor will next shoot the next Spider-Man installment in the summer.



I guess Kraven the Hunter is sort of the most likely villain for this. He;s just about the only of the Grade A Silver age classic villians who has not been done.

(I don't consider Scorpion to be quite "Grade A"0

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1 hour ago, tonytr87 said:

It'd be a serious step down actor-wise if they use the guy above. Either he's not the main villain or they're going to re-cast. Michael Keaton & Jake Gyllenhaal to this unheralded TV actor? 


y u no like Mando?

He's freaking awesome in both Orphan Black and Better Call Saul.

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As part of the arrangement, Spider-Man will also appear in a future Marvel Studios film.



Endgame was such a fantastic capstone to the Phase 1-3 tapestry that I wish all the characters featured in them were retired from Marvel films. Start fresh. *shrug*

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