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SUR(VI)VOR Ep. 8: The Good, the Bad, and the Abominable

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Surprise Cameo:



*The contestants line up on top of a snowy mountain... wearing full ski gear and equipped with skis and poles.*

SLAM!: Welcome, contestants, to Survivor Mountain! Today, you'll be scored on how well you're able to ski down this mountain! Your time is taken into account, as well as how you fare with slalom flags and moguls!

Wrath: Gee, SLAM!. That's a real creative name you have for the mountain.

Spaghetti: Thank me! I was the one who named it!

SLAM!: Alright, team! On your mark... get set...

*PanaMovie cocks an eyebrow.*

*Claire of Themyscira purses her lips.*

*JJ-8 gulps.*

*Sheikh analyzes the path before stabbing the snow with his poles.*

*chasmmi cracks his neck.*

*Thanos Legion smiles sadistically.*


*The contestants ski down the mountain, making sure they're staying with their teams at first.*


SLAM!: Welp. Off they go. I better tell the intern it's time...

*SLAM! operates his walkie-talkie. Further down the mountain, Ethan Hunt is standing near a spot in the skiing course that forks into two separate paths; one that continues the run and one that leads to a mysterious cave in the mountain. He picks up his walkie-talkie.*

Ethan Hunt: Yo.

SLAM!: Hey, Ethan Hunt! I just wanted to say thanks for signing up to be an intern!

Ethan Hunt: No prob. Beats twiddling my thumbs. And this way, I can chew out chasmmi without having to worry about being voted off.

SLAM!: Yeah, hey, listen... They're skiing down the mountain now, so now the time to write the name on the cardboard sign if you haven't already done so...

Ethan Hunt: Name? What name?

SLAM!: You know, Fancyarcher! He got the lowest score for Abominable, so he gets the secret punishment!

Ethan Hunt: ...And you want me to write his name on a cardboard sign because...

SLAM!: I just need you to point him to the direction of the cave. Got it? Good.

*SLAM! turns off his walkie-talkie.*

Ethan Hunt: And I thought the Impossible Mission Force was my weirdest internship...


*The Birds of Prey ski together.*

elcaballero: First we have to do motorcross, and then we have to ski... Wow...

Claire of Themyscira: This is too much work... My thighs are aching...

Wrath: What's wrong, elcaballero? I thought the wealthy loved skiing trips!

elcaballero: You're right... Skiing is in my aristocratic blood!

Wrath: And what about you, Claire? Are you worried you'll break a nail?

Claire of Themyscira: Ain't nobody worried about nothin'!

*elcaballero and Claire of Themyscira ski down the mountain with vigor.*

Spaghetti: Gee, Wrath! You did a good job rallying the teammates!

Wrath: Somebody had to do it...

Spaghetti: You know, in past seasons, when I was the host, I really did see you as a villain! But I don't think I see you as a villain anymore!

*Spaghetti skis ahead. Wrath ponders Spaghetti's words.*


*The Rockin' Robots ski together.*

Rorschach: Well, it's really important that we don't go to Tribal Council... So let's ski the best we can.

DAJK: Yeah, let's ski the best we can...

JJ-8: Aye, aye, captain! *giggles*

DAJK: Hey, Rorschach, why don't we ski together?

Rorschach: Um... Aren't we already skiing together?

*DAJK whispers into Rorschach's ear.*

Rorschach: Um... Well... Alright.

*DAJK and Rorschach ski away from JJ-8 before he has the chance to catch up.*

JJ-8: Fiddlesticks! They're skiing without me--they really must be out to get me! Think, JJ-8, think... I know! I need to make sure we're not the team that goes to tribal council--in other words, I need to buy time... I know what I'll do!






*The Black Order skis down the mountain.*

Keanu: So far, so good! Keep it up, Fancyarcher!

Fancyarcher: Yeah! I think I'm getting the hang of this!

chasmmi: Remember! Pizza for stop, french fries for go! And don't fall! I'm not climbing up the mountain to get you if you fall.

Thanos Legion: Leaving the weak behind, chasmmi? Now, you're speaking my language.

*Suddenly, the team stops at the forked part of the slope, where Ethan Hunt is standing with a cardboard sign that is pointing Fancyarcher towards the cave.*

Ethan Hunt: Um... The Survivor production crew wants Fancyarcher to ski towards the cave.

Fancyarcher: (wipes goggles) Ohmigosh! Is that Ethan Hunt?! It's Ethan Hunt, everyone!

chasmmi: If it isn't my arch-nemesis. Ethan Hunt.

Ethan Hunt: Oh. It's you. I forgot how much of a pain you were.

chasmmi: Pain I was? Trust me. I'm still a pain.

*chasmmi and Ethan Hunt stare unblinkingly at each other.*

Keanu: Um... If it's alright with you guys, I'm just gonna keep on skiing... I'll try to get a good time...

*Keanu skis down the slope, leaving everyone else.*

Ethan Hunt: Well, if we can put our petty game grudge aside for just a moment, I really need Fancyarcher to--

chasmmi: Fancyarcher isn't going anywhere.

Fancyarcher: Are you protecting me, chasmmi? Thank you!

chasmmi: No. I'm doing this so Ethan Hunt will get fired from this... internship of his.

*chasmmi takes Fancyarcher by the hand, and they ski down the mountain. Thanos Legion skis toward Ethan Hunt, staring him up and down.*

Thanos Legion: All that for a drop of blood...

*Thanos Legion skis down the slope, snickering to himself at the terribly utilized Avengers reference.*

Ethan Hunt: (smacks his chewing gum) Shoot. I guess I better staple the sign to this tree and follow them for plot convenience.

*He staples the sign to the tree and follows the Black Order for plot convenience...*


*The Howling Amazons ski together.*

Sheikh: If the skis are placed on the optimal angle of each mogul, that will allow for the best mogul score possible...

ZeeSoh: Calculate all you want, pal... I'm a natural... Who needs numbers when you got the feel?

PanaMovie: What about you, Cap? You holding up well?

captainwondyful: I love skiing... But at the same time, I don't love skiing...

*captainwondyful is struggling to maintain her balance.*

Sheikh: You should try putting your skis in the pizza position!

*captainwondyful falls down. The teammates stop, and captainwondyful is managing to stand up by herself.*

ZeeSoh: You know what? Me and Sheikh will continue going down the mountain. PanaMovie, why don't you make sure captainwondyful is okay?

*ZeeSoh skis off without giving PanaMovie a chance to accept or decline the job. Sheikh gives PanaMovie a nervous look before following ZeeSoh.*

PanaMovie: (cocks an eyebrow) Well, Cap? Looks like it's you and me.

*They ski together.*

captainwondyful: You're a good man for helping a girl!

PanaMovie: If you're offering me that credit, I'll take it.

captainwondyful: Tell me, PanaMovie. Is there a specific kind of girl you like?

PanaMovie: Um... No, not really. That's not something on my mind.

captainwondyful: Really? You don't care whar kind of girl you like?

PanaMovie: Well, I--

captainwondyful: Would you love a girl regardless of her looks?

PanaMovie: Um... Well, if I really loved them, I wouldn't care what they looked like.

captainwondyful: There's not much you actually do care about, is there, PanaMovie?

PanaMovie: Not really. I'm a roll-with-the-punches kind of guy. I'll act if I really care about something, though...

*Suddenly, captainwondyful sees the sign that Ethan Hunt stapled to the tree.*

captainwondyful: ...Well, the sign says to go left, so I'm going left!

*captainwondyful skis toward the cave.*

PanaMovie: Wait! That sign says it's for Fancyarcher!

*PanaMovie follows captainwondyful.*


*elcaballero and Claire of Themyscira pant as they ski.*

elcaballero: Ugh... How many times to I have to swing these poles...

Claire of Themyscira: Ugh... My legs feel like vanilla pudding...

elcaballero: That's cool you mention vanilla pudding because that's my favorite...

Claire of Themyscira: Hey, boo, it's my favorite, too...

elcaballero: I can keep skiing...

Claire of Themyscira: Yeah, me too...

*Suddenly, Wrath and Spaghetti ski past them at lightning speed.*

Wrath: You guys might wanna pick up the pace!

Spaghetti: Yeah, there's an AVALANCHE!

*An avalanche begins to form behind them.*

Claire of Themyscira: Oh, hell no!

elcaballero: Ski for your life!


*captainwondyful kicks off her skis and walks into the cave. PanaMovie follows her.*

PanaMovie: Hey, the jig is up, captainwondyful... Everyone knows you're playing stupid... You can stop acting stupid now...

captainwondyful: No, the sign said to come here, so that's what I did... This cave is... Beautiful, by the way...

*Light blue gemstones are crested into the walls, lighting up the cave from the inside.*

PanaMovie: Well, we saw the cave, and now it's time to head back, so... I say we head back.

*captainwondyful looks and sees a red button labeled 'only press if you are Fancyarcher.*

captainwondyful: I'm pressing the button.

PanaMovie: WAIT!

*captainwondyful presses the button. Blue lightning emanates from the gemstones and strikes captainwondyful, turning her into a yeti--one that is similar to Everest from Abominable. captainwondyful looks at herself, freaks out, and hides behind a large rock.*

PanaMovie: Cap!

*PanaMovie pursues captainwondyful. She throws a rock at him and grunts; PanaMovie dodges the rock and holds his hands out.*

PanaMovie: It's okay. You can come out. I'm not scared of you.

*captainwondyful walks out on all fours from behind the rock.*

PanaMovie: Yeah... It's alright... The production crew knew this would happen, so it's fine... Let's head back...

*captainwondyful grabs PanaMovie's hand. PanaMovie chuckles to himself.*

PanaMovie: Gee, Cap... I told you you didn't have to play stupid...


*Meanwhile, Sheikh and ZeeSoh make it to the finish line. Keanu is already there, as well as all DAJK and Rorschach.*

Keanu: Sheikh! You made it!

*Sheikh and Keanu hug each other. ZeeSoh pulls Sheikh away from Keanu.*

ZeeSoh: Let's not get buddy-buddy with members of the other teams...

Keanu: Hey, what's your deal? That's my boyfriend!

ZeeSoh: Trust me, I could care less about your love life. *ZeeSoh stomps away.*

*Sheikh turns toward Keanu sheepishly.*

Sheikh: I'm sorry about that... ZeeSoh can be pretty mean every now and then...

Keanu: I get it. I have mean people on my team, too. It's Survivor.

Sheikh: I guess ZeeSoh does have a point about making it obvious we're on good terms. Until the merge?

Keanu: Until the merge.


Rorschach: We did really good this time... We might be in contention for the win...

DAJK: (looking towards the slope more than he's listening to the conversation) Yeah, that's fascinating...

Rorschach: Um... Earth to DAJK?

*JJ-8 makes it across the finish line. DAJK skis toward him.*

JJ-8: Just the teammate I wanted to see. I have some questions to ask you...

DAJK: Questions schemstions... Listen, JJ-8... There's something I should show you...




*JJ-8 gasps at the sight of DAJK's candy apple.*

DAJK: I take it you bought one, too? That's perfect! That was my plan all along!

JJ-8: ...Really?

DAJK: Of course! We're the ones that should be at the top, not Rorschach.

JJ-8: Huh... That makes sense!

DAJK: Let's hoist our candy apples in the air!

JJ-8: You betcha!

*They hold their candy apples up like He-Man would hold up his sword. Rorschach watches from a distance with a concerned expression.*


CONFESSIONAL -- Rorschach: I used to be a secret agent, so, from that, you can tell I'm pretty... 'aware' of things. I think I understand the game move DAJK's trying to pull off... Coming from anyone else, it wouldn't surprise me, but coming from him... I thought he was a much more innocent person than this. I better watch my back.


*Meanwhile, the Birds of Prey and the Keanu-less Black Order (and, by extension, Ethan Hunt) are all skiing away from the avalanche.*

Fancyarcher: I'm strong... I'm strong... I'll get to safety... It's gonna be okay...

*Thanos Legion skis close to Fancyarcher.*

Thanos Legion: The weak shall not prevail!

*Thanos Legion trips Fancyarcher, who spins out and becomes enveloped in a giant snowball that subsequently speeds towards chasmmi.*

chasmmi: Geez, Thanos Legion. And I thought was a saboteur.

*The snowball swallows chasmmi as it continues to tumble down the hill.*


CONFESSIONAL -- Ethan Hunt: In hindsight, yeah, I could have had Thanos Legion disqualified for tripping Fancyarcher... But seeing chasmmi get swallowed up in snowball was way too good. Whoever this Thanos Legion guy is can have it!


Claire of Themyscira: Alright, bitches! We are the Birds of Prey! And we will ski past this avalanche! Diva Diva Downhill!

Spaghetti: Diva Diva Downhill!

elcaballero: Diva Diva Downhill!

Wrath: Ugh... Diva... Diva... No, I'm not doing that on national television.

*The Birds of Prey ski away safely.*




*About thirty minutes later, all the contestants stand together at the finish area. captainwondyful is there with the Howling Amazons in her yeti form.*

ZeeSoh: That's bullshit, SLAM! We can't have a yeti on our team! That's a disadvantage!

Claire of Themyscira: I don't know about you guys, but I think it's pretty funny...

Ethan Hunt: Um... Is that yeti one of the contestants?

SLAM!: (barely containing frustration) Yes, intern... And what's more... Fancyarcher was the one who was supposed to be the yeti...

Fancyarcher: (his heart sinks) ...What?

SLAM!: You were the one who got the lowest score on Abominable (87.30%), not captainwondyful. Though she did have the second-lowest score (88.60%).

(chasmmi face-palms.)

PanaMovie: Well, is there any way we can at least change her back?

SLAM!: No, unfortunately... But it's only meant to last for two weeks...

*captainwondyful gives an annoyed grunt. PanaMovie pats her on the back.*

Sheikh: Two weeks? That sucks...

ZeeSoh: Yeah, that sucks for us, alright! (crosses arms and grimaces)

SLAM!: Well, Fancyarcher... We gotta give you a story-based punishment somehow... Intern, help me think of something...

Ethan Hunt: There's a lederhosen in the costume closet.

SLAM!: A lederhosen?

Ethan Hunt: You know. The traditional German outfit with the green hat and the overalls.

SLAM!: Oh! That's perfect!


*And so it was decreed that Fancyarcher would have wear a lederhosen until the point of the game where the teams are merged. Fancyarcher puts on the outfit and walks out to the others in sadness.*

Keanu: Look on the bright side... Now you look like a Fancy Archer...

*Fancyarcher frowns. Thanos Legion laughs maniacally.*

Thanos Legion: How fitting is it, for you to wear the clothes of the weak!

Rorschach: Well, the lederhosen is traditionally worn for hard physical work according to Wikipedia. But whatever floats your boat.


SLAM!: I'm sure you guys are dying to know the scores! Well, here they are!




ZeeSoh - 87.96%

captainwondyful - 86.45%

Sheikh - 86.09%

PanaMovie - 83.10%

Team Average - 85.90%




Wrath - 90.59%

Claire of Themyscira - 89.01%

Spaghetti - 88,99%

elcaballero - 84.40%

Team Average - 88.25%




JJ-8 - (90.38% + 2%) = 92.38%

Rorschach - 91.43%

DAJK - (88.30% + 2%) = 90.30%

Team Average - 91.37%


*DAJK's eyes widen. He peers over at Rorschach. Rorschach pushes up his glasses and pretends not to notice him.*




Thanos Legion - 88.34%

chasmmi - 86.95%

Keanu - 86.60%

Fancyarcher - 78.28%

Team Average - 85.04%


SLAM!: That settles it! The Rockin' Robots win the weekend!

JJ-8: Yeah! High-five, everyone!

*JJ-8 raises his hand for a high-five, but the other Robots are too lost-in-thought to give him a high-five.*

SLAM!: And it's the Black Order who has to go to Tribal Council!

*Fancyarcher's teammates stare at him. He shudders.*

SLAM!: And Ethan Hunt... You're fired.

Ethan Hunt: So be it. (leaves)


SLAM!: Here's all the information you need to know for the next Tribal Council and Weekend Challenge!



The highest scoring member of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins.

In the case that a player who did not send in predictions is on the winning team, that player will not receive tuck shop coins.


Current Balance

15: ZeeSoh

13: Thanos Legion

11: Sheikh, Spaghetti

10: Claire of Themyscira, DAJK, Rorschach

9: JJ-8

8: chasmmi

7: Fancyarcher, Wrath

6: captainwondyful, Keanu, PanaMovie

5: elcaballero


CANDY APPLE - 3 Coins (Gives the average of your predictions a boost of 2%.)

RECYCLE PAD - 5 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council.)

ROTTEN APPLE - 5 Coins (Reduces 2% from the score of another player--yes, this can be used for either second immunity or weekend challenges)

COPY MACHINE - 8 Coins (Allows you to take the score of ANY player in the game for a weekend challenge.)


PM me if you want an item by Thursday, October 3rd at 11:59PM PST! Also, remember that you do not need to use it this week! Simply indicate in any challenge when you will be using it!




Sorry Robots, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a PM with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.




Downton Abbey


Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

The Lion King


Votes are due by Wednesday at 5PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due by Tuesday, October 1st at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions.)


Good luck to all of the Black Order players!




Joker (Friday)

Joker (Saturday)

Joker (3-Day Weekend)


Ad Astra

Rambo: Last Blood

It: Chapter 2




Predictions are due by Thursday, October 3rd at 11:59 PM PST.


(There will not be a Flash Fight this week.)


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6 minutes ago, DAJK said:

Just noticed it said I have 10 coins and 5 coins... which one is it lol :lol: 


or is it 15 :ph34r: 


I went through and figured it out; you have 10. It should be fixed now. 😉

Edited by SLAM!
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So I have to push the time I post the Tribal Council to a later time tonight; it'll still come tonight, but there's something I have to do that's gonna take a while. But don't worry, it's still coming tonight! Definitely before midnight at the absolute worst case scenario.

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@captainwondyful @chasmmi @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @JJ-8 @Keanu @PanaMovie @Rorschach @Sheikh @Spaghetti @Thanos Legion @Wrath @ZeeSoh


I unfortunately need to cancel the Tribal Council tonight. I am also canceling the weekend challenge. There will be a weekend challenge next week. I'll post the tribal council next time I can. Unforeseen circumstances. One of those life events that hits you out of nowhere, but I'm okay.

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I won't leave you guys in suspense.


@chasmmi @Fancyarcher @Keanu @Thanos Legion




SLAM!: Sorry, Black Order, but it's time for you to vote one of your own out!

Thanos Legion: And if it goes according to plan, it will be the last time.

*Fancyarcher shudders in his lederhosen.*


*They go up to cast their vote one by one.*

Thanos Legion: It is time for us to stake our claim as the game's greatest players. (votes)

chasmmi: I don't agree with Legion's draconian rule, but I do think we need to keep our team strong. (votes)

Fancyarcher: Oh no... Uh... I have to choose a random person... I'm sorry... (votes)

(Keanu struggles to write the name on the paper. Tears stain the paper as she writes.)

Thanos Legion: You mustn't keep us waiting, Keanu.

(Keanu holds back tears as she casts the vote.)


SLAM!: Great! This is the first time since the season started that everyone has cast a vote (correct me if I'm wrong)! Let's see who won the second immunity challenge!


Keanu wins with a score of 92.98%!


(Keanu hold back tears. Fancyarcher looks her in the eye.)

Fancyarcher: It's okay, Keanu. I know it's my time. 

Keanu: (sniffles) I'm just upset... You were never able to prove Thanos Legion wrong...

(Thanos Legion side-eyes Keanu.)

Fancyarcher: It's okay. You showed me that I was strong. That's all that matters to me. So you make it to the merge. You reconvene with Sheikh. You win. I believe in you.

(Keanu and Fancyarcher give each other a hug. chasmmi rolls his eyes.)

chasmmi: Survivor's no place for sentimentality, guys...

(Thanos Legion grimaces.)


SLAM!: Let's reveal the votes! First vote:


Keanu Does Not Count


SLAM!: Second vote:




SLAM!: 15th place on Survivor: Season Six...




SLAM!: That enough votes, you need to bring me your torch.

*Fancyarcher brings his torch to SLAM!.*

SLAM!: Fancyarcher. The tribe has spoken.

*SLAM! snuffs out Fancyarcher's torch. Fancyarcher turns to Thanos Legion.*

Fancyarcher: You're a real bully. You know that?

*Fancyarcher leaves.*


CONFESSIONAL - Fancyarcher: I really impressed myself with how well I did. But yeah, as soon I was put on a four-person team with Thanos Legion, I knew I was a goner. But I'll be watching from home, hoping somebody brings down Thanos Legion. He needs to get off his high horse.


SLAM!: Well, that's that! With fourteen contestants left, anything can happen! But what will happen is the question! Find out what happens on the next episode of survivor!


(And stay tuned for an explanation of the weekly challenge delay that I'll be posting tomorrow.)


Post-Council Story Content


*chasmmi pulls Thanos Legion aside.*

chasmmi: Well, Thanos Legion. I think we made the right decision.

Thanos Legion: It is always the right decision to separate the weak from the chaff.

chasmmi: ...I mean, I think you're taking things a little bit out of proportion, but...

Thanos Legion: chasmmi. My comrade. If we were to fight together, I'm sure we would achieve a balance. Brains and brawn. Good and evil. I'm sure you know what I mean.

chasmmi: I do, but...

Thanos Legion: Are you saying you'd rather work with Selina Kyle than me? I'm sure you remember how she skied away from us in the last challenge, right?

(chasmmi stares at Thanos Legion blankly.)

chasmmi: Why don't we focus on doing the best we can in the challenge. That way, we can all work together in the merge.

(chasmmi storms away.)


*At the campfire, Keanu stares up at the starry night sky.*

Keanu: (sighs) I'm in a bit of a pickle... That's for sure...

*A figure steps out of the shadow. It's Wrath.*

Wrath: Yo.

Keanu: ...Wrath? What are you doing here?

Wrath: I came to see what became of Fancyarcher. I guess he's gone...

Keanu: Yeah... He's gone.

Wrath: It's a shame. But we need to do whatever it takes to win. That's the nature of the game.

Keanu: (sighs) You're right.

Wrath: Between you and me? You should watch your back. A lot of people are gunning for you. As they are me.

(Wrath steps back into the shadow. Keanu stares back up at the stars.)







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You have my respect, @Fancyarcher. I hope they remember you.  



And breaking character for a bit, I tried to contact you on Monday. Did you ever get my message? Too late now, I just want to know if you got a notification like I expected.


Edited by Thanos Legion
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58 minutes ago, Thanos Legion said:

You have my respect, @Fancyarcher. I hope they remember you.  


  Hide contents

And breaking character for a bit, I tried to contact you on Monday. Did you ever get my message? Too late now, I just want to know if you got a notification like I expected.



No I didn't, unfortunately. My message box was way too full. I should have deleted something before hand, but forget to. 


Edited by Fancyarcher
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