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Eric Atreides

JOKER WEEKEND THREAD | 96M DOM, 151 OS, 247M WW (October Record all around) | ***NO SPOILERS*** | SALE LIVE: Monthly Premium Account 50% off, Monthly Gold Account $5 Off

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10 minutes ago, DAJK said:

The OS run is where it's at now. I could definitely see 400+ happening but I'm not the greatest at OS tracking. Anyone with better intel have an idea of where it'll end up?

 It could follow Deadpool's overseas numbers ( no China release ) and/or Suicide Squad's overseas grosses ( no China release ).


Anything between 400/450 million. 


Domestic performance is probably gonna be something like Logan's and/or Venom's. So, anything above 213 million at least. 

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3 hours ago, raulbalarezo said:


It's called the Drive-in double/triple feature & discount cinemas syndrome. Basically it came largely due to MIBI being doubled /tripled with Joker, IT2

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Top playdates
7-Oct, all Joker
1-AMC Burbank 30
2-AMC Empire 25 NYC 
(combined with E-walk across the road, #1 powerhouse)
3-AMC Lincoln Square 13, NYC
4-Pac Arclight Hollywood
5-CPLX Cinema Banque Scotia , Montreal QC
6-AMC Metreon , San Francisco
7-Regual Kaufman Astoria, NY
8-AMC Orange 30, Orange CA
9-Regal LA Live Stadium
10-AMC Citywalk, Universal City CA
11-CPLX Scotiabank Toronto, ON
(This place is to be demolished for 2 40 story condo towers)
12-AMC 34st, NYC
13-AMC Century City CA
14-CPLX Scotiabank Vancouver
15-Pac Grove, Los Angeles
16-AMC Boston Commons
17-AMC Garden State, Paramus NJ
18-CPLX Queensway, Etiobcoke ON
19-AMC Ontario Mills 30, CA
(#5 combined with Regal Palace)
20-AM Puentre Hills, CA

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1 hour ago, Johnny Tran said:

Are there other examples of a movie in the 60s with a certified fresh tag?  I don't think I've seen that before. 

Under 70 is not certified. What happened is that Joker lost the certified and regained it about 40 times and RT got tired of it so they're waiting for it to end 🤣

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46 minutes ago, TheUndertaker said:

Under 70 is not certified. What happened is that Joker lost the certified and regained it about 40 times and RT got tired of it so they're waiting for it to end 🤣

It'll never end.  It's only just begun..  😈

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michaelfmoore's profile picture


On Wednesday night I attended the New York Film Festival and witnessed a cinematic masterpiece, the film that last month won the top prize as the Best Film of the Venice International Film Festival. It’s called “Joker” — and all we Americans have heard about this movie is that we should fear it and stay away from it. We’ve been told it’s violent and sick and morally corrupt. We’ve been told that police will be at every screening this weekend in case of “trouble.” Our country is in deep despair, our constitution is in shreds, a rogue maniac from Queens has access to the nuclear codes — but for some reason, it’s a movie we should be afraid of.

I would suggest the opposite: The greater danger to society may be if you DON’T go see this movie. Because the story it tells and the issues it raises are so profound, so necessary, that if you look away from the genius of this work of art, you will miss the gift of the mirror it is offering us. Yes, there’s a disturbed clown in that mirror, but he’s not alone — we’re standing right there beside him. “Joker” is no comic book movie. The film is set somewhere in 1970s Gotham/New York City, the headquarters of all evil: the rich who rule us, the banks and corporations whom we serve, the media which feeds us a daily diet “news” they think we should absorb. 
But this movie is not about Trump. It’s about the America that gave us Trump — the America which feels no need to help the outcast, the destitute. The America where the filthy rich just get richer and filthier. 
Thank you Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Phillips, Warner Bros. and all who made this important movie for this important time. I loved this film’s multiple homages to Taxi Driver, Network, The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon. How long has it been since we’ve seen a movie aspire to the level of Stanley Kubrick? Go see this film. Take your teens. Take your resolve.


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Joker Day 4


Yesterday it finished at 359427/999289 and so the drop is around 62%. That would translate to 9.25m monday. But I would say MTC overindexed and so around 8.5m would be my guess.


Day 5 PS is at 94775/807553  with 11% more seats and 18% more shows. PS for day 4 was at 24529/725857 and tuesday PS is more than sunday PS(around 83K!!!!). of course discount ticket prices is the reason and so actual gross would be hard to project.

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8 hours ago, lorddemaxus said:

Not true. We've had at least one big money maker almost every year for the past decade. Last year we had two. Popularity can help films that already had some buzz before releasing

Don't get your hopes up on this one...



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2 hours ago, AndyK said:

Most of them seem way too progressive to have voted for Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book too but that happened. Would be surprised if any of those voters are older than 40.

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On 10/6/2019 at 10:43 PM, HeadShot said:

The last Joker movie opened with 133 million and it was rotten. This is a big decline. I thought it would gross higher considering that it looks like  TDK's "sister companion".

I feel you Kevin

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