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JOKER WEEKEND THREAD | 96M DOM, 151 OS, 247M WW (October Record all around) | ***NO SPOILERS*** | SALE LIVE: Monthly Premium Account 50% off, Monthly Gold Account $5 Off

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1 minute ago, The Panda said:

I saw Joker and it was a masterpiece.



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Jokes on you!  I haven’t seen it yet.  I’m such a joker!



Joaquin, is that you?

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1 hour ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

How were pre-sales for Joker @captainwondyful @Menor for Friday. The initial numbers aren't that strong.


BTW what will be considered disappointing number for weekend?

I personally don’t track anything past on Thursday night, because you Asgardians tend to have those numbers. Menor would know. 


I was going to put 89 million down in survivor this week, so that is what I am thinking overall. I have no “disappointed” number. 

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45 minutes ago, Hatebox said:

I maintain that fairly or unfairly there will be an air of disappointment on this forum if its OW is under 100m. 

Let's start the conspiracy that critics caused the movie to lose 10m on opening weekend.

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39 minutes ago, Damianport1 said:

So we should expect B+ cinemascore for joker too, right?

That’s what I’m expecting based on that. But idk how directly posttrak tends to correlate with cinemascore.

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1 hour ago, TalismanRing said:

The under 25 set enjoy Joker better than the over 25 set, 95% to 79% in grade, yet it’s the latter who were the majority with a 67% turnout.


Obviously it's mostly the under 25s currently rating the movie online

Just like all others superhero movies.

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2 hours ago, Menor said:

I'm estimating 8 million for Joker's Friday presales from Cinemark. 8-8.5 being generous.


2 hours ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

Edit: 8 is ok.


7 minutes ago, sfran43 said:


Haha an eventful two hours. 

First October record already broken. 

Incredible start. 

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Venom's WW gross really was ludicrous, wasn't it? Comic book movies' BO performance are usually at least slightly correlated to quality, but not that time. 



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