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    Don't understand people saying "congrats"


    Cleaning up this place for the sake of prosperity is a burden which they chose to take on with no compensation.


    We should be saying thank you, not congrats

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    Being an online moderator is hard.

    It's a job which, in many respects, demands dedication and focus; it also means you work hard.

    But as you're starting out, there's nothing quite like that first day on the job.

    A new job as a member of the moderators team puts you face to face with some of the biggest users you will meet.

    These are users who are used to being able to communicate with everyone from the community directly who have no need for a moderation team.

    They know how we do what we do because we are the ones who are on-site all the time and they trust us with their time.

    However, just as we rely on each other to keep our site accessible, we also need you to continue to help with the work that goes on behind the scenes every day.

    It is our responsibility to maintain the content we have to make sure our user base has the best experience they can get.

    So, it's a role which, while often dull, is very important when you're starting out!

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