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Frozen II Box Office Contest | Winners Receive Month of Gold Status | And Now We Wait Six Months...

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I have been saying all year that Frozen II is the hill I am going to die on. And as I go into the great Unknown as a moderator, I still have some time left on my Gold Account. I just spoke with @Water Bottle and he said that I could use that remaining time to run a contest!


It’s very straightforward:


Who can most accurately pick Frozen II’s:

  • Three-Day Domestic Opening Weekend
  • Domestic Total
  • OS-Total
  • Worldwide Total


Because I am silly, I want a full number:


Opening 3-Day Weekend: 199,999,999

Domestic Total: 696,969,900

OS Total: 1,234,567,890

Worldwide Total: 1,931,537,790


The closest one to each of those categories will receive a month Gold Account!


Win all four? You get four months!


Already have a gold or premium account yet still want to participate? We will credit your account. Or you can choose for someone else to receive the perks, if you just want the bragging points for being the winner!


I am going to close predictions on  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, at 11:59PM --> EST <--- right before Thursday Previews.


Good Luck!




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Yup!  I was not going to pin it until at least November because I didn’t want the top to be too cluttered. But sending your predictions!

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5 minutes ago, Inceptionzq said:

Is there a special status for doing it before presales start? 🤔


Alas, no.  You can edit your predictions as much (or at little) as you want until the deadline.  Hence why I asked for the full number!  Have fun!!

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OW - $159,478,566

DOM - $543,017,745

OS - $918,422,559

WW - $1,461,440,304


edits can be made up till tomorrow yea?

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