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Tuesday Numbers: Joker $13.9M estimate

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Wednesday will plummet hard. But still think above 48m weekend is possible. As for long term legs zero competition right now. That changes over the next couple weeks.

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That's a really good increase for an opener. Let's do pessimistic projections


Tuesday: 14

Wednesday: 8.1 (-43%)

Thursday: 7 (-15% due to loss of IMAX and PLF)

135M opening week


Friday: 12M (70% jump, lower than Batman v Superman second Friday)

Saturday: 17.1 (same jump as discount Tuesday)

Sunday: 12.85 (25% Columbus Day weekend drop)

42M second weekend.

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That Tue is nuts. Beat my rosy projection for 1 day at least 😊



21 hours ago, a2k said:

9.72 Mon, 105.9 cume


Rosy projection for JOKER that would keep it on track for 3😋😋 dom



13.1 (+35%) // 119.0 vs 13.9 // 119.8

7.9 (-40%) // 126.9

7.1 (-10%) // 134.0


16.0 (+125%)

21.6 (+35%)

16.2 (-25%)

= 53.8 (-44.1%) // 187.8


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35 minutes ago, cdsacken said:

Wednesday will plummet hard.

Recent first Wednesdays:


Abominable -55% 

Hustlers -41.3%
It Chapter 2 -43.5%


I don’t see it “plummeting hard” like Abominable. 

Maybe more a standard fall Wednesday drop like both It 2 and Hustlers. 

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Also this sunday drop will be soft this weekend due to Columbus day.


What's impressive is AMC PS is ahead of monday !!! I am confident it will have soft monday to wednesday drop. That would confirm great 2nd weekend, I am also thinking low to mid 50's at this point.


I definitely feel all the publicity around potential mass shooting subdued OD and since then BO has been on a tear. So that should help it have really soft 2nd weekend drop. its basically going to pull in a Gravity or Martian kind of hold(though not exactly at crazy levels of those movies). 55m 2nd weekend would be low 30's drop minus previews. That is off the charts for a movie based on very popular CB character !!!!!


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