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Ryan Reynolds

Star Wars: Andor - Disney+ - September 21, 2022

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I am always up for a well-executed heist episode.


Would have liked a little more epilogue at the end, especially with respect to



The person Mon Mothma tells Luthen she wants to bring into the circle, since that had seemed like a C plot for this particular arc. 


Maybe they'll touch on it next week now that things are pushing forward.

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WOW just wow. Episode 6 was so great! how does this show just manage to keep getting better?! everything with the lightshow the tension and that amazing action sequences at the end. 



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Never mind. False alarm. :lol:


I'll admit they got me though as I insta posted 


before the voice kicked in.


Still, this is 100% confirmation that K2 is showing up sooner or later.


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Anyway, not so much set up as denouement*, but still tight, tense, and as always, excellent.

* Okay, not exactly, but close enuf.


Consequences?  In my Star Wars?  Why, I never.




From what I understand from Tony Gilroy's comments, the next three episodes will form an arc, much like 1-3 and 4-6 did, with the final two also doing so, so this was... Well can't call it a breather episode as there was scarcely time to breath but it ain't set up either.  Not sure which term to use, so I'll just stick with "excellent". ;)




And, as always, Mon Mothma rules.  She rules incredibly hard in this episode.


Maybe more later, but I gots a track to finish.


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One of the things I really love about this series is... I won't call it subtle writing cause it really isn't (at least for prestige mainstream television).


But what it is, is consistent.  Very very consistent. Hardly a wrong note struck at any point.  Which, with as many plotlines as are currently going on (five or six depending on how one wants to count), is no small thing.


No, instead of subtle I will use "clever".  This series is very clever at times. 




the whole political courtship/alliance making between Mon Mothma and her childhood friend she's trying to reel in, Tay Kolma.   


The dual lines of "find my politics a bit strong for your taste" was a great bit of feint and counter-feint.  


But the really clever bit is that Mon Mothma was unsure about just how much she could trust Tay.  Did she dare go through with her plan?  Even though she had committed, she was still unsure/uneasy.  Trust isn't an easy thing when there is this level of treason going on, after all.


When she heard that line though and what his perception of her was, you could see the wheels turning in her head, thinking things over, having plans click into place/solidify.  After that moment, she was resolute and took charge of the dance, all hesitancy and self-doubt gone.


(also, once again, Genevieve O'Reilly is absolutely killing it as Mothma)


Just an utterly fantastic scene, capped by her quoting the line right back at him. 


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Episode felt a little thin and stretched.



There will  obviously be payoffs with the detours to Syril and Cinta, but their scenes took up a few minutes that could have better fleshed out the transitions for Cassian, Mon, etc., or showed Vel taking up the search for Cassian on the orders of Luthen's assistant.


I admit to being pleasantly surprised they didn't use some existing canon character as the new person Mon was reaching out to.


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End felt kind of tonally jarring and syril plot needed to move Abit more.


Otherwise really enjoyed this episode, enjoyed the dialogue btn Cassian and the mother. Love how the show is handling Cassian charcter and his arc.


Mon mothma was the MVP this episode ,the dialogue with Tay was just fantastic , the scene was Oozing with clever bits of dialogue and political manuever .


Actress is doing a good job .


Just love how the show is handling the empire.


But also admit the way the show is structured may not work for some.


It is set up in pairs of three episodes.


First introduces characters or kicks off a plotline.

Second does all the setup and putting the pieces in place.


Third is the payoff.


That is what ive observed from the six episodes and this can create some pacing issues.


This show is so we'll planned out which I really like. Everything the writers does is deliberate and not just to rush the plot.

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17 hours ago, Ozymandias said:

I like how Andor pulls the hottest ass in the galaxy.  Bix and space Floridian beach bunny are 100x hotter than anyone in Star Wars except Natalie Portman. Andor should be bedding the wives of top Imperial leadership and really destabilize the Empire.

Mon Mothma deserves better than Perrin. Time for Andor to swoop in. For those with elegant taste

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