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Ryan Reynolds

Star Wars: Andor - Disney+ - September 21, 2022

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2 minutes ago, Ozymandias said:



Lol not even 10 seconds into the trailer there is a guy just straight up holding an AK-47, they didn't even try to make it look scifi, Star Warsy, or anything.


The AK-47 is renowned for its durability, clearly this one was so goddamn durable it survived a wormhole to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

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On 8/2/2022 at 12:20 PM, p a p i said:

Crazy how low trailer views are for this. 

let me do a little counting :)


YT teaser: 6.7mil


YT main trailer: 6.2mil.

INSTA SW main trailer: 1.5mil
FB SW main trailer: 2.8mil

YT other channels main trailer: around 4.3mil
TOGETHER: 14.8 mil views... for trailer

not good not terrible ;) I am sure it will go over 20mil or more..... but yeh it should have more :)


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18 minutes ago, Inceptionzq said:

Just one reaction so far, maybe we can expect more in the coming days. Sounds exactly like what has been expected, at least for me



I’ve seen the first four and it’s the most serious, grounded thing Star Wars has ever done. It feels more like an English-made espionage thriller than Star Wars.







It is totally unconcerned with giving you fan service moments, and instead wants to delve into what it’s like for the bit players in this universe to wake up every morning and go about their day. This is not space opera. It’s more space drama.






It’s slow, deliberate, complex (for Star Wars) and asks the viewer to do some work. It actually humanizes roles that are traditionally cartoon evil in the SW universe. It’s attempting to tell a grown up story,








and I think a lot of fans are going to haaaate it. Both Gilroy’s presence is all over this thing. It’s got that cinema verite vibe that the core Bourne movies had going for them. 






A tiny bit more seriously, I do agree with this comment from Bespin Bullten:



The user mentions that some fans will likely hate it, but I always expected that given the nature of the series, 


It's nearly the biggest "Well, duh" comment one can have about a SW show.


If I want to be a LOT more serious, having SW shows that are different is badly needed.  I love me my MandoVerse, but I wouldn't want every show to be like that.  Indeed, I think SW peeps were getting a little tired of Mando-lite stuff by the time Fett was done and I think there might have been some tonal issues/disconnect-with-expectations from Kenobi as well (which also seemed to have some of Filoni's fingerprints on it).


So to get something pretty damn different?  A Jason Bourne IN SPAAAAACE!!!!







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Yeah I'm good with Andor being something different, as much as I loved Mando and Kenobi it would be a nice change of pace. 


Also Star Wars has always been a love letter to cinema and its various genres, so nice to see them trying something unique (in Star Wars) for this one. 

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little update:


YT main trailer: 7.2mil.

INSTA SW main trailer: 1.7mil
FB SW main trailer: 3.1mil

YT other channels main trailer: around 5.1mil


last time I forgot to add TWIITER :) with 6.2mil

TOGETHER: 23.3 mil views... for trailer

this is not superb, but much better :)


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On 8/6/2022 at 11:45 PM, Marek the Jedi said:

little update:


YT main trailer: 8.3mil.

INSTA SW main trailer: 1.74mil
FB SW main trailer: 3.4mil

YT other channels main trailer: around 7.4mil

TWIITER :) with 6.3mil

TOGETHER: 27.14 mil views... for trailer


maybe it will endup with around +30mil views...


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