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MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL | 377.1M Overseas ● 490.4M Worldwide

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4 hours ago, Thanos Legion said:

DOM weekend us underestimated something fierce, hopefully same for OS 😛  


This will beat the rate adjusted performance of Mal 1 OS, maybe end 550ish. Pretty decent for what it is.

Even with the big domestic drop and the less advantageous exchange rates it's only going to drop about 27% WW (better than It 2s 35% drop) .   Not unusual for a sequel to a break out hit and probably about what Disney expected for the first one.  Still might finish top 15 WW.



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The original Maleficent did $382M internationally at current exchange rates, putting Mistress of Evil $30M shy of that total. The film has already passed its predecessor in China, France, Korea, Brazil, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Netherlands, Malaysia, Argentina, Poland and India. Top 5 markets are China ($48.8M), Russia ($33M), Mexico ($23.6M), France ($19M) and Brazil ($18.5M).

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On 11/11/2019 at 6:59 PM, Thanos Legion said:

Actual cume up by about 1.2M, no way to tell how much is weekend vs weekday adjustment afaik 



Estimates would have been a 18.7M week. Actuals 



20M week.  

I think about 380 OS, 120 DOM, just barely over 500.

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Obviously hit hard by F2 this weekend. I am surprised by lack of any boost bcos of double features with F2. Quick check around in couple of drivens clearly showed Mal 2 playing with F2.






Only thing I can think off is F2 did not that good at driveins. Families would prefer the Plexes instead.

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