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PSA: Box Office Mojo Redesign ... Numbers Saves The Day With Theater Counts

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3 minutes ago, lilmac said:

Please no paywalls. Please.

This. I get people need to make money, but I also know your average Joe can't afford to have to pay for every single morsel of content. Like, come on. It's box office data. It's a very niche hobby so it's not like there's so much traffic that it would be stupid not to monetize it.


Oh well. What gives me comfort is that, in general, these big corporations actually LOSE money as they get greedier and greedier. They learn that unless you're talking about something like fuel or whatever, they don't exactly have us over a barrel like they think they do. People's precious little expendable income is too important to just give in. We'll get by.



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I know it's dramatic, but I feel pretty personally hurt by this, as if an old friend of mine has moved out of town or something. I know it's still there, and much of the same data is still there, albeit in a very impractical manner, but it's not the same. I probably won't be using BOM anymore, and I hope that enough people feel this way that either BOM brings back the old design, or someone with enough passion and data collection experience makes a new site. And if that site has forums that are as fun and exciting as these forums, I would even pay to have it all. But for now, farewell BOM.

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What everyone has said has been spot on. The new site is terrible. As a box office nerd, BOM was my go-to site for box office information, records, theatre counts, breakdowns, etc. The previous site didn't have a sleek look, but it contained highly accessible information - which, as mentioned, was all logically organized for the most part. In particular, I relied on the calendar format for viewing daily box office in an accessible way to make calculations and crunch box office numbers. I know, #firstworldproblems, but as someone who has made a hobby out of following the box office, I am really disappointed with the loss of the site as it was.


I'm okay with some information being accessible through a paid subscription only - and for a reasonable price, I would actually subscribe. My issue is with everything else, namely the unintuitive redesign, the loss of functionality, the loss of key basic information, etc.




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1 hour ago, raulbalarezo said:

Box Office Mojo is no longer cinema. It's now a theme park.

Alas they removed the roller coasters and all we have left is the tea cup rides.


They don't even have the yearly WW list anymore.  There are also tons of links that just go to blank pages



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1 hour ago, grim22 said:

They have gone from a very intuitive design in which everything led to somewhere else logically to whatever this new arrangement is. It's like they tested to find out what the most annoying interface would be and decided to use that one.

Yup. Either that or they assigned the redesign project to a bunch of people who knew absolutely nothing about box office or how the site's features were useful to its base. Case-in-point: go to their all-time records page, then go to the opening weekends tab. There, because the arrangement is done in strict alphabetical order, the chart for biggest 2nd weekend drops is listed ahead of the chart for opening weekends. This on the premier box office site on the internet. Just let that sink in.


Like, even that one summer where they had all their analyses written by that guy who clearly had no clue what he was talking about pales in comparison to the mess they've put forth here.

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Edgar Wright's response is great. Would be cool if more people in the industry (we all know even they use that site) would voice their opinion so they change it so that at least all the previously easily available info that is now behind a paywall gets restored, if they aren't to bring back the old design.

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I'm literally betting that because of this redesign, not a lot of people are going to look at BoxOfficeMojo or even go to the site. This has taken an overall effect on the box office industry and for those who track the numbers.

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5 minutes ago, Plain Old Tele said:

Mojo died a long time ago, this was just the final step in a process that started in 2011. 

But then again, I’ve probably visited BOM like 3-4 times since April. 

So what you are saying is that you didn't come to praise Mojo but to bury it.

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1 hour ago, harrisonisdead said:

I keep going on BOM to casually look up something only to remember that the redesign exists and it makes everything harder. Only now do I realize how many times I use that site in a day...

literally SAME, at least three times today I subconsciously went to BOM


"what did Training Day gross adjusted again?"


"what did Enemy of the State gross adjusted?"


"How many theatres is Addams Family in?"


Nothing mandatory to get through the day or anything, but it's scary how much I took the site for granted, and how much of an adjustment this is going to be. 

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9 minutes ago, Plain Old Tele said:

Mojo died a long time ago, this was just the final step in a process that started in 2011. 

But then again, I’ve probably visited BOM like 3-4 times since April. 

it was dead the moment Brandon/Sean bailed it. Already the site visit numbers are pale comparison to last decade when Brandon/Sean bailed out. Plus getting rid forums was a terrible idea that showed they dont want any feedback or visitor engagement. from Amazon perspective this is irrelevant. As someone was joking over at KJ we need Warren to split Imdb/bom into a separate companies and from Amazon as well 🙂

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